About Us

Hello, my name is Mark Le, an enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

Growing up wasn’t an easy task for me.

At one moment, I felt that striking a balance between living my life to the fullest while maintaining the integrity of Christian Principles was going to be a straightforward thing.

Quite unsurprisingly, I always felt the pull to dedicate my life in full service to the ministry, but I also wanted to enjoy the days of my youth.

Without a doubt, living a sinful life while trying to dedicate your life to God isn’t an easy feat.

Thankfully, in the middle of one night, a thought clicked in my mind, and I finally found my purpose.

After days of contemplation and striving to make an optimal decision without experiencing a toll on my mental health, I entirely made up my mind to dedicate my life to the ministry.

With the help of mentors and days of fervent prayer, I decided to incorporate my passion for handling tech gadgets to the ministry.

The uplifting feeling of touching music emanating from musical instruments constructed with the latest technology has always created a whole different world for me.

"I want to fulfill my position as a Steward in the service of the ministry, with full dedication and adherence to all principles to ensure I come up with solutions that do not need much learning."

Keeping in mind that technology is a crucial component when it comes to church operations, I help to bridge the gap between ministry and technology.

Without a doubt, everyone wants to be part of a charismatic team – entirely dedicated to undertaking missions in the ministry and casting a wider “gospel net.”

That said, achieving these things without the right components is a daunting task.

This is where my expertise comes in – I have a team that encompasses a comprehensive facet of all that pertains to spreading the gospel using various technological components.

We have a website that’s exclusively meant to review technical components – from streaming equipment to sound, image, video and related accessories.

Besides, the components that we review are not exclusively limited to church activities – they can be used for other platforms like institutions, conventional conferences and small gatherings.

My Goals

  • Being able to present my work results to the audience and teammates in a straightforward way without spending decades on explaining everything from scratch
  • Having every component consolidated in one place and always at hand.

My Motivations

  • Automation of routine operations
  • A single platform to have every operation performed
  • A straightforward way to present things to the audience and team members.


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