QSC KW153 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 1, 2020.
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QSC KW153 Review

Too busy for the full read? Here is why you should buy QSC KW153.

✅ Offer continuous power of 500W from both modules
✅ Has an onboard mixer with 2 XLR combos
✅ Allows three audio input sources
✅ Produces a clear and single summed output
✅ Rugged construction offer resistance against impact

My family, like most other families, went to church for solace and peace. I, however, only went so I could listen to church music. It was always breathtakingly loud and intense and one could easily hear from a distance. What surprised me was the device that produced this music. It was neither large nor placed in the center of the place, yet it had the power to produce something of this magnitude.

One day, I was sitting in the front row when I had the chance to properly look at the unit. I couldn’t read or see much, but I did find out that the unit was by QSC. So that day, I looked up various models on the internet by the same brand and finally came across the one I was looking for. Then what? One look at the features, and I was swooned!

Things to Consider Before Buying a QSC KW153

I fell in love with QSC KW153, but I certainly didn’t want to rush into any decision, so I took some time to contemplate my choice. I knew that there were so many incredible models in the market and it was likely that I could get a better one. I got to work and looked at a variety of amplifiers that were under my budget. The more I looked at other units, the more I was convinced that I only wanted the QSC.

My preferred unit offered a maximum SPL of 134 dB peak and offered a 75 colonial DMT coverage. It also offered an excellent and rugged construction that came with painted birch enclosures. This not only protected the unit from damage but also ensured that it remained stable on the ground. The mixers were also diverse and worked independently, thus further adding to its appeal, but more on that later.

I loved all these features because they met all my needs. You should also ask yourself a few questions before you make the final choice.

  • Does the sound distort at high volumes?
  • Does the model produce a good output power?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Is it portable?

These questions will clear your head of all the confusion and will help you make an informed decision. You can also ask questions regarding durability, installation, and ease of usage or about any other feature that you place first in your priority list.

Presenting the Product

If you only see the products online and hastily get them for yourself, chances are that you will end up regretting your decision. Brands make a lot of fake promises to attract buyers, but in reality, they are unable to deliver on any of these promises. Since I had seen QSC at the church, I was convinced that the model was of the highest quality. It came with extremely comfortable ergonomic handles that allowed easy handling. Moreover, it came with durable rigging points and a standard pole socket for easy installation.

You get to enjoy the 15-inch woofer that is included in the speaker. This is further complemented by a diaphragm compression driver and a midrange woofer to enhance the volume. To top all of this, you also get an excellent output power of around 1000W.

✅ Offer continuous power of 500W from both modules
✅ Has an onboard mixer with 2 XLR combos
✅ Allows three audio input sources
✅ Produces a clear and single summed output
✅ Rugged construction offer resistance against impact
❌ The instruction manual is difficult to understand  

Features & Benefits

The QSC KW153 was considered a truly revolutionary model that completely changed how the users perceived it. It offered so many excellent specs; that too at an affordable price. Every person who invested in the model was thrilled to get so many excellent features at their disposal. I will be reviewing some of these features to help you get more clarity. Since there is so much to discuss, let's get started.


Having good power is a must for any speaker that promises to produce loud and intense music. The QSC KW153 produces an output power of 1000W. This ensures that your music is both loud and clear, and can reach people sitting at the far end of the room or the hall. This feature is further supported by extensive DSP correction technology. This, together with DMT ensures excellent performance. You also get uniform coverage across the entire field.


Since speakers need to be transported from one place to the other, it is safe to assume that they will get into accidents now and then. I was looking for a model that would resist damage and hence providing me with greater durability. QSC comes with a tour graded 16 gauge grilles made of stainless steel. They also offer a fully rugged construction that comes with birch enclosures. This not only provides your unit with better protection but also keeps your unit operable for a longer time.


Compared to most other models in the market, QSC KW doesn't weigh much. Its relatively small body allows you to easily carry it wherever you want. This is further supported by comfortable and ergonomic handles that are smooth and strong. You can easily lift the speaker from the ground and keep it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling. Its installation is also easy because it comes with a 35 mm standard pole socket that has a long cord. Moreover, there are M10 rigging points that are included for an easy suspended installation. This helps you set up the unit in only a few minutes.

Benefits of Roland QSC KW153

  • It comes with an extensive DSP that features the DEEP and intrinsic correction technology for enhanced performance.
  • The Directivity Matched transition system ensures you get steady coverage across the entire sound field.
  • It has a texture-painted construction that offers four-position mic and line gain.
  • It offers a tour-graded 16 gauge grilles that are made of steel to enhance durability.
  • The compact body and the inclusion of ergonomic handles allow for easy transportation and storage.

Social Proof

My profound love for this speaker did not stop me from reading reviews and looking at what other people had to say. I was hoping they would have at least liked the model if not loved it. To my utter surprise, almost every other review talked about positive things. Buyers cherished the design of QSC and praised its rugged and durable construction. The inclusion of an excellent channel mixer also garnered a lot of praise. Many users also felt that it offered them sound quality like none other.

Qsc Kw153 Review 3


Qsc Kw153 Review 1
Qsc Kw153 Review 2


This was the part I was dreading the most. I had already made up my mind and didn't want anything to influence my decision. Still, I didn't want to waste my pocket money on a bad unit, so I considered looking into the alternatives. I decided to compare QSC with similar models. I selected them carefully to make sure that they didn't differ a lot in terms of price, size, or weight.

All these three models also had positive reviews from buyers so I was excited to compare them to QSC. To my relief, although all three models boast excellent features, they weren’t anywhere as good as QSC. By the end of my research, I was even more convinced that I was making the right choice.

I have shared a small comparison overview to help you make an informed decision.

1. Kithouse B9 Electric Amplifier

QSC KW153Kithouse B9 Electric Amplifier
Provides output power of 1000WDoes not offer a very good output
Is enclosed in wood to offer better durabilityDoes not offer very good resistance against impact
Does not offer good diversityCan produce up to 18 types of different drums

2. NUX Mighty Amplifier

QSC KW153NUX Mighty Amplifier
Comes with independent channel mixersOffers excellent high range frequencySounds can get mixed up at higher volumesCompact size prevents high frequency
Weighs 87 pounds hence restricts portabilityweighs 3 pounds hence transported easily

3. Coolmusic DK-35 50W Amplifier 

QSC KW153Coolmusic DK-35 50W Amplifier 
Allows mixing of music from three sourcesOnly comes with 2 channel mixers
Offers 4 different knobs Is relatively expensiveCan take longer to switch modesIs more affordable


First impressions can often be deceiving, but I had witnessed QSC KW153 produce unmatched quality of sound for a whole year. I still did my fair share of research to be sure of my decision. I also read more about the features so I could experiment with different channels and audio inputs.

The steel grilles were also provided with excellent durability and kept the device working for a long time. However, the feature that stood out most for me was the DMT. This allowed for an even and steady coverage across the entire sound field.

So the next time you are craving good music, remember to save up for a good speaker.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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