Roland KC 150 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on August 25, 2020.
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Roland KC 150 Review

Short on Time? Here’s what matters most.
✅ High-end construction offers excellent durability
✅ Lightweight and compact body provides portability
✅ Excellent compatibility with many musical components
✅ Affordable

My daughter developed an interest in music at a very young age. Ever since then, I have been looking for equipment that can help her practice, and polish her performance. She loves practicing her school plays and church recitals to loud music. I had been looking for the perfect amplifier for quite some time, but my thirst for better volume wasn't quenched until I stumbled upon the Roland KC 150.

This was not an easy task, as I had to do my fair share of research before I finally found the best amplifier. This model is affordable and comes in an ideal size; neither too large nor too small. It is highly portable and can be carried around easily. Moreover, it comes with 4 channels and a 2 EQ band, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roland KC 150

If you are on the lookout for an amplifier that is high-performance yet reasonably-priced, then Roland KC 150 is definitely a good choice for you. Unlike most other tech equipment, amplifiers don’t limit your options. They are of great value because they can be used in your cars to up the volume, with your musical instruments to upgrade the sound, or with your gaming consoles to enhance your experience. Before you invest in any model, you need to assess your needs and see what features stand out to you. Here are some questions that might help you get it done.

  • Is this model worth the money?
  • Does it offer portability?
  • What are the advantages that it offers?
  • What are the possible cons of the unit?

Since the market is flooded with a variety of different options, it can often be very hard for a buyer to make the final call. These questions will help you narrow down your choices so that it is easy for you to compare a few selected products. After assessing the pros and cons of the short-listed options,  you can make an informed decision about what to purchase.

Presenting the Product

Roland is one of the few brands that offer a range of models in this category, but what makes KC 150 stand out is its excellent added specifications. It not only ensures diversity but also guarantees durability. The high-end construction of the unit means that you can use it for as long as you want without any decline in performance.

Since the model only weighs 34 pounds, it is highly portable. You can place it inside your car and carry it around conveniently. Not just that, the KC 150 also comes with easy-to-use buttons that make it a great choice for non-technical and amateur users. All in all, Roland KC 150 is a good option to consider.

The high-end construction offers excellent durabilityThe sound isn't very smooth at very high volumes
Lightweight and compact body provides portabilityRequires relatively high power to operate
Offers excellent compatibility with many musical components 

Features & Benefits

While buying a product as important as an amplifier, you should never rush into the decision, and always take some time to read detailed reviews and descriptions of all products under consideration. In this section, I will be discussing some of the most noteworthy features of this amplifier. I will also add as much detail as is necessary to help you make an informed choice.
Since there is so much to discuss, let's get started.

Four Channel Mixing

Good amplifiers tend to offer better mixing options, and KC 150 is no different. It allows 4 different channels, thus providing diversity. Among its mono inputs, it includes a microphone input that amplifies the musician's voice. Moreover, there is one input for the auxiliary connection that allows you to enhance the volume of the music. All this comes in handy during large gatherings and events.


A lightweight and compact body determines portability, but there are other features that also enhance transportation. I found the smooth handles of the KC 150 very appealing because they allowed me to carry the amplifier anywhere I wanted. The model also offers an all-metal grille that adds to your convenience. Not just that, a rugged design also adds to its appeal.


An ideal model should always be easy to use. Both professionals and beginners should be able to understand the specs, and that is yet another reason why KC 150 appealed to me. If you want more low-end music, you can get it by adding a subwoofer. This is easy to connect and upgrades the quality of your music.


There are a variety of controls that are available on the amplifier. Channel 1 is a volume knob for the mic, whereas, channel 2 and channel 3 are volume knobs for the line. There is another channel 4 that controls and monitors the volume. The EQ high and low also aid in the process. There is also a power switch included.

Size and weight

A lot of consideration went into the design, which is why the size and weight of the model add to your convenience. KC 150 is only 480 mm wide and has a total height of 435 mm. It weighs around 15.5 kg, which is roughly 34 pounds. The relatively small size really helped me carry the amplifier around in my car.


One of the many things that really fascinated me about the Roland KC 150 device was that it came with some of the best and most durable accessories. The companion speaker stand allows for an optimal projection and is fully compatible with the amplifier. This stand also makes height adjustments seem very easy.The other accessory is the headphones. This, for me, made all the difference. It is specially designed to offer extreme comfort to the user. It also features a lot of custom drivers that enhance the sound without disrupting the natural acoustics.

Benefits of Roland KC 150

  • It comes with 4 different channels that allow the users to attach multiple instruments with it.
  • It offers a stereo auxiliary input that allows for more compatibility, and the microphone input allows for greater diversity.
  • The headphones output can easily be mounted on the speaker stands. This, I believe, provided me with much more comfort during usage.
  • Compared to so many other amplifiers, I felt that Roland KC 150 is not only very affordable, but it also provides an excellent output volume.

Social Proof

While scouring the internet to find more information, I stumbled upon a plethora of positive reviews shared by recent buyers. I accessed them to get a better insight into the specs, features, and pros of Roland KC 150. I was not at all amazed to see that a majority of the reviews were very positive and shed light on the excellent quality of this unit. Most users also praised the durability and reliability that they got with Roland KC 150. One thing that impressed almost all buyers was its affordable price.





You can love a product as much as you want, but without comparing it to other brands and models, you can never make a comprehensive decision. The most effective way of knowing if your product is the best one is to make comparisons. These help you access the features, pros, and cons of similar models and then decide which model fits your exact criteria. I compared Roland KC 150 to three similar products. This helped me decide which amplifier was most suited to my needs. To help you do the same, I have shared a brief description of all three products.

  1. ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier
Roland KC 150  ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier  
More durable and strongLess durable
Offers 4 different inputsOffers only 2 inputs
Requires 65 W for operationsRequires 50 W for operations
  1. Roland CUBE Street EX 4-Channel 50-Watt
Roland KC 150  Roland CUBE Street EX 4-Channel 50-Watt  
Is relatively heavierIs relatively compact in size
Comes with better handlesHandles are not smooth
Specs are easy to understand by amateursDifficult to use and understand
  1. Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 60-Watt
Roland KC 150  Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 60-Watt  
Provides better high and low-level inputsProvides less distinction between high and low inputs
Provides 2 band EQProvides 3 band EQ
Requires more power (65 W)Requires relatively less power (60 W)


An interrupted sound or disruptive volume can ruin your entire church service or event. One great way to solve this issue is to invest in a quality amplifier like the Roland KC 150. Its small size and its high quality ensure the best results. Buyers often have to make a compromise when they want both, excellent performance and affordability from a single product, but that is not the case with Roland KC 150. So, if you don’t want to loosen your purse strings, then here is a phenomenal model for you.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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