Taylor 214CE-K Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 9, 2023.
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Taylor 214CE-K Review

With its vibrant, resonant tones and impeccable craftsmanship, the Taylor 214ce-K guitar shines as a testament to Taylor's commitment to quality.

This acoustic-electric beauty boasts a layered koa body, a spruce top, and a smooth, playable mahogany neck. Equipped with ES-N electronics, it delivers a bright, balanced sound that captivates both players and audience alike.

While some customers have mentioned minor setup issues and concerns about humidity control, the Taylor 214ce-K remains a popular choice among musicians seeking a versatile and reliable instrument.

Key Takeaways

  • The Taylor 214ce-K is an acoustic-electric guitar with a mahogany neck and a genuine West African ebony fretboard and bridge.
  • It has a 25-½” scale length and a super-playable Taylor neck with a 1-11/16” nut width.
  • The guitar features ES-N electronics and is powered by 1 9V battery.
  • Customers have praised the guitar for its beautiful sound, easy playability, and good balance, although some have mentioned the need for a setup and the availability of similar-sounding options at a lower cost.

Features of the Taylor 214ce-K

The Taylor 214ce-K features a mahogany neck, a genuine West African ebony fretboard and bridge, and a 25-½” scale length. These construction features contribute to the guitar's overall quality and tonal versatility.

The mahogany neck provides stability and durability, while the ebony fretboard and bridge enhance the guitar's tonal characteristics and playability. The 25-½” scale length offers a comfortable playing experience and allows for easy string bending and chord formations.

With these features, the Taylor 214ce-K is able to produce a wide range of tones, from warm and rich to bright and articulate. Whether playing fingerstyle or strumming chords, this guitar delivers a balanced and versatile sound that is suitable for various musical styles and genres.

Design and Construction of the Taylor 214ce-K

Featuring a mahogany neck and a genuine West African ebony fretboard and bridge, the 214ce-K showcases a well-crafted design and construction. The design features of this Taylor guitar are carefully chosen to enhance its playability and tone.

The tonewood selection plays a crucial role in achieving the desired sound. The layered Koa back and Koa body contribute to its warm and balanced tone. The spruce top adds brightness and clarity to the overall sound.

The 25-½” scale length and the super-playable Taylor neck with a 1-11/16” nut width offer comfort and ease of playing. Additionally, the inclusion of ES-N electronics allows for amplified performances without compromising the natural acoustic sound.

With its thoughtful design features and tonewood selection, the 214ce-K is a versatile and high-quality instrument for both beginners and experienced players.

Sound Quality of the Taylor 214ce-K

Offering a warm and balanced tone, the 214ce-K impresses with its thoughtful design features and tonewood selection.

When it comes to sound quality evaluation, the Taylor 214ce-K excels with its exceptional tonal characteristics. The combination of a layered Koa back and sides and a solid Spruce top produces a rich and resonant sound.

The Koa tonewood adds warmth and depth to the overall tone, while the Spruce top enhances the brightness and clarity. This guitar delivers a well-balanced sound across the entire frequency range, with a pronounced midrange that adds depth and definition to individual notes.

Whether strumming chords or playing intricate fingerpicking patterns, the 214ce-K offers a versatile and expressive sound that will satisfy a wide range of playing styles.

Playability of the Taylor 214ce-K

With its super-playable neck and comfortable nut width, players will find the Taylor 214ce-K easy to navigate and enjoyable to play. The playability of this guitar is one of its standout features, allowing musicians to effortlessly move their fingers across the fretboard.

However, some users have reported playability issues such as high frets and the need for a setup. Despite these concerns, there are alternative options available for those seeking a similar playing experience.

Players can explore other guitars in the Taylor line-up, such as the Taylor 114ce or the Taylor 214ce DLX, which offer comparable playability and sound quality. Additionally, musicians can consider guitars from different brands like Martin, Yamaha, or Gibson, which provide a range of playability options to suit different preferences.

Customer Reviews of the Taylor 214ce-K

Customers have shared their thoughts and experiences regarding the Taylor 214ce-K, expressing both positive and negative feedback. Overall, the customer satisfaction for the guitar seems to be quite high.

Many customers have praised the value for money that the Taylor 214ce-K offers. They have commended its beautiful sound, great balance, and easy playability. Some have even compared it to higher-priced options and found it to be just as good, if not better.

However, there have been a few negative reviews as well. Some customers found the guitar hard to play and had to get a setup done. Others mentioned that there are comparable options available at a lower price.

Despite these negative comments, the majority of customers have been satisfied with the Taylor 214ce-K and believe that it provides excellent value for the money.

Comparisons to Other Acoustic-Electric Guitars

After analyzing the customer reviews of the Taylor 214ce-K, it is now time to compare it with other acoustic-electric guitars in the market. The Taylor 214ce-K has its own unique features and qualities that set it apart from its competitors.

Here are some pros and cons of the Taylor 214ce-K, along with comparisons to other acoustic-electric guitars:

Pros of the Taylor 214ce-K:

  • Super-playable Taylor neck with a 1-11/16” nut width
  • Genuine West African ebony fretboard and bridge
  • ES-N electronics for a reliable and high-quality sound
  • Layered Koa back material for durability and unique aesthetics
  • Spruce top material for a bright and balanced tone

Cons of the Taylor 214ce-K:

  • Some customers reported the need for a setup to improve playability
  • There are other options available in the market with similar sound at a lower price point

Comparisons with other acoustic-electric guitars:

  • The Taylor 214ce-K stands out with its unique combination of materials, such as the layered Koa back and spruce top.
  • Other guitars in a similar price range may offer similar sound quality, but may not have the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail as the Taylor 214ce-K.
  • Some competitors may offer additional features or different tonal characteristics, allowing musicians to find the perfect fit for their playing style.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Taylor 214ce-K

The Taylor 214ce-K requires regular maintenance and care to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. To keep this acoustic-electric guitar in top shape, there are several maintenance tips to follow.

First, it's important to clean the guitar regularly by wiping it down with a soft, lint-free cloth after each use. This helps to remove any dirt, sweat, or oils that may have accumulated on the instrument.

Additionally, it's recommended to change the strings regularly, as old strings can affect the sound quality and playability of the guitar.

It's also important to keep the guitar in a stable and controlled environment to prevent any damage caused by extreme temperatures or humidity.

Lastly, it's a good idea to have the guitar professionally set up and inspected periodically to address any potential issues and ensure proper intonation and playability.

Where to Buy the Taylor 214ce-K and Pricing Information

To purchase the Taylor 214ce-K and find pricing information, interested buyers can visit authorized musical instrument retailers or check online platforms such as Amazon.

Here are some key details about the Taylor 214ce-K:

  • Mahogany neck for enhanced durability and stability.
  • Genuine West African ebony fretboard and bridge for a smooth playing experience.
  • 25-½” scale length for comfortable fretting.
  • Super-playable Taylor neck with a 1-11/16” nut width.
  • ES-N electronics for versatile sound options.

When considering the best places to buy the Taylor 214ce-K and pricing options, interested buyers can explore the following:

  • Authorized musical instrument retailers: These stores offer a wide selection of Taylor guitars and provide expert advice.
  • Online platforms like Amazon: They offer convenience and competitive pricing, with customer reviews to guide your decision-making.
Article written by Mark Le
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