Friedman Runt-50 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 10, 2020.
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Friedman Runt-50 Review

Do you have a hard time finding the right guitar amp head? I have composed this Friedman Runt-50 review to help all of you out.

I was never much into music, let alone Church music, but Friedman Runt 50 changed that. My father was a huge fan too, and he used to take me to church every Sunday so I could listen to the sermons and learn more about Christianity. That didn't happen, but something really wonderful did. I developed a liking towards Church music. I found it to be deeply invigorating, and it just grew on me every time I visited the great halls.

I knew that a simple speaker couldn’t have produced such powerful acoustics. I knew that the church used an amp head of some kind; I just didn’t know which one. When I found out, I wasn’t really surprised. Friedman had so many amazing models to its name that it was only natural for it to introduce an excellent amp head as well. The best thing about this particular tube model was that it came with two distinct channels that offered greater diversity.

Things to Consider before Buying

Unlike many other brands in the market, Friedman didn't make any false claims, and delivered all the features that it promised on its site. It provided me with a power of 50 W that was enough to produce powerful sounds. Moreover, it offered a single input impedance that came with an 8 and a 16-ohm control. There are also two separate EQ bands that each function individually. As for the EQ gain, there are 3 bands that provide that.

This universal model also features an overdrive channel that will boost up the signal and filter out any distortions from outside. Another thing that I really loved was the versatility the model offered. I got to use this small and compact device in a number of places. This included my car, my home, or even on the beach with my friends.

You will also be glad to know that the Runt-50 is powered and driven by two EL34s and a total of four 12AX7s. Together, these will allow you to maximize the results and get an unmatched frequency. There are also clean channels for volume, treble, and bass that come together to enhance performance.

But even with all the features, I knew I couldn’t be convinced until I had asked myself the three very important questions.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Can I carry it without feeling the weight?
  • Does it work in a variety of different situations?

Luckily, I found a satisfactory answer to all my questions. The model wasn’t very expensive and came in a compact body that allowed for easy storage and carrying. Moreover, it could be used anywhere with medium or high disruptions.

Presenting the Product

Friedman didn't have a very good start because there were so many different amps in the market that buyers already trusted. They were not ready to give this unit a chance, but once they did try it, there was no going back. They found all the features to be extremely diverse and the amp fulfilled all their requirements. The Runt 50 allows you to use the boost switch and gain an unmatched amount of overdrive. Moreover, you can also make use of the gain knob and get a better and smoother tune. The custom transformers also ensure the cleanest path that you could imagine. It also delivers a very good articulate midrange, making it suitable for many different music styles. Lastly, you will be pleased to know that you can make easy adjustments with simple knobs.


  • Comes with a 2 channel amp for diversity
  • The gain knob allows for better overdrive
  • Features a high-frequency response
  • The three-position bright switch provides smoother tunes
  • The overdrive channel enhances the acoustics


  • Difficult to update with time

Features & Benefits

In a world that compromises on the exterior in exchange for a good interior, I was truly lucky to invest in Friedman. It is as durable from outside as it is efficient from inside. I absolutely loved the analog handles on the unit that ensured a better XLR input. I was also smitten with the poise and panache that the model offered me. Here are all the features that impressed me.


The model comes with two distinct channels that, when used together, help provide you with a largely tonal palette. The first channel will allow you to reminisce over the old and classic hit music. The second channel will help you enjoy a better overdrive and get a range of tones in your music. So with the help of these, you can enjoy all different kinds of music, from metal to fusion, from rock to blues.


On the bag, the unit comes with a special cabinet-emulated XLR that ensures efficiency and good intensity of sounds. This all-analog design ensures that the tones are distinct and stand out. It also ensures that you get the best impulse response in the market. Moreover, I also felt that Friedman worked excellently well in front of the house mix. You, in turn, get to enjoy recording a mixed-signal input at home too.


If there is one thing that Friedman does better than most other models, it is ensuring that you get a huge array of tones at your disposal. This powerful guitar provides an excellent Baltic bitch cabinetry that is extremely strong and durable. It also offers better resistance to impact, so the model doesn’t break easily.

Size - Friedman Runt-50 Review

I was absolutely sure that I didn’t want to invest in a model that was too heavy. Friedman was just the perfect size for me, and I could easily carry the unit from one place to the other. This helped me provide services to the church as well as use the model for my personal gigs.


  • Comes with an all-tube design with a durable and powerful 50 W amp head for greater power
  • The controls are easy to adjust and offers more room for experimentation
  • The dirty channels allow you to shift from classic rock to the brilliant metal
  • Features touch-sensitive knobs that ensure you can shift from one tune to the other within seconds
  • The cabinet emulator XLR output will work great with the smooth digital emulation technology

Social Proof

There are only enough times that you can ignore your intuition and not follow your heart. I wanted to be as unbiased as possible, so I didn’t just trust everything on the internet. But when I found a plethora of positive reviews, I was ready to believe that maybe this guitar amp was actually the best one in the market. Buyers had absolutely loved the design that allowed for greater durability. They had also praised its variety of control knobs that allowed for many distinct functions. It also offered a great and smooth tone without compromising on the volume.

Friedman Runt 1


Friedman Runt 2

Alternatives - Friedman Runt-50 Review

Once my heart is set on something, it’s very difficult for me to change my choice, but I wanted to be honest to myself and hence looked at all the alternatives with an open mind. For this purpose, I selected 3 very good units from the market that bore resemblance to Friedman in terms of main features and price range. This was to ensure I was making unbiased comparisons.

I then noted down the pros and cons of each and compared these with the things I loved about Friedman. It was a close competition, and all the 4 models impressed me. However, the final decision came down to one thing; I wanted the best value for my money, and only Friedman provided that.

I have shared a summary of my comparison table to help you make a good decision.

Valeton Bass Guitar Amplifier

Friedman Runt-50Valeton Bass Guitar Amplifier
Provides 50 W of powerProvides a power of 20 W only
Controls are harder to adjustAdjustments are easier to make


Friedman Runt-50QSC GX3
CheaperMore expensive
Provides a wider frequency rangeThe frequency range is limited
Provides less powerPower is massive

Crown XLi800

Friedman Runt-50Crown XLi800
Input sensitivity is relatively highInput sensitivity is low
More versatileNot suitable for larger audiences
Weighs 40 poundsWeighs 25 pounds


Versatility, portability, and convenience come together beautifully to make this incredibly smooth Guitar amp head. It delivers the legendary tone that you have always dreamed of. When you plug in the input, you will instantly feel the room fill with the best beats you have ever heard. The amp will work exceptionally well with the volume knobs of the guitar and hence offer you a smoother tone. It also comprises the analog circuit that makes it great for studio usage.

 I wasn’t looking to make money out of my music, but I did want to create something that I could be proud of. And with Friedman, I really did.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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