Peavey Rage 258 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 19, 2020.
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Peavey Rage 258 Review

I worked in a church for a while and know the struggle for what is best for church tech. The requirements of audio systems for a church choir and similar events are completely different from regular open space events. So what exactly are the features required for an amplifier to use in a church choir?

With this little knowledge, I started my research on the same. It was the reviews from other people that helped me the most and answered maximum of my doubts. My quest ended on the Peavey Rage 258 Transtube amplifier.

Understanding the issues that I faced, I wish to ease your task for selecting an amplifier for church choirs and similar events, with my Peavey Rage 258 Review.

Things to consider before buying an Amplifier

The paramount determining factor in selecting the right amplifier is the sound that it produces. If you do not have a powerful amplifier for your church choir, the essence of the service and the soulful music might not reach your audience. Hence, you need a strong and affordable amplifier to get the work done as per your requirements.

There are certain factors you must consider before you buy an amplifier. Go through the following factors and then, based on your requirements, select the right one for you:

Power Output

You must consider the power output of your amplifier based on the premises where the event/performances are to be conducted.

A 25W amp is suitable for church choirs and other events and any other event that occupies a similar space as a church. Anything less than 20W is suitable for solo practices within your room/house.

Type of Amplifier

There are two types of amplifiers, namely Tube amps and Solid State (SS) amps. A tube amp has a bulkier design consisting of tubes which is difficult to deal with. But it essentially is more powerful than an SS amp. It delivers warmer and vintage sounds. It is more expensive than the SS amp.

On the other hand, the SS amp is compact, portable, affordable, easy to use, and setup. But it is not as powerful as a tube amp. The sound quality is also not as good as that of a tube amp.

Another type is the Transtube amp, an establishment of the Peavey brand. It is a solid-state amp but sounds almost as good as a tube amp. It is a good match for beginners who do not wish to delve deeper into advanced music.

Inputs and Connections

You must check if you can connect your desired input device to the amp or not. Not all amps come with each type of input/aux to plug in.

You must also check the type of aux because there are myriad options of a single type as well. For instance, not each and every headphone has a similar jack.

Channels and Effects

Every amplifier provides a different number of channels and effects. You must essentially check your own requirements regarding the combination of which channel and effect you will need in your performance. Each channel and each effect has its unique amp voicing.

So you must consider selecting channels and effects based on the quality and tone of your style of music. 

Brand Value

The brand value of Peavey is one of the best in terms of musical instruments, amplifiers, and professional audio systems; worldwide. Their pieces of equipment are sturdy and of good quality, which makes them last longer.

For someone with less technical knowledge, it is better to rely on a good brand for quality assurance. Brands like Peavey provide good customer service, hence a good option for beginners.

Presenting the Peavey Rage 258

Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of audio equipment in the world. For decades, Peavey has been the go-to brand when it comes to Solid State guitar amplifiers. The specialty of Peavey is the Transtube circuitry they use in their solid-state amps.

Without using any tubes, the Transtube amps distribute sound as if coming out from tubes, which is best suited for indoor live performances and gigs.

Peavey Rage 258 should be the right choice for musicians who are looking for a reliable amplifier that gives powerful sound output, is easy to use, and is also portable. This little master packs a punch as it delivers big sound from a pint-sized amp at a sweet price.

This particular amp is quite popular with Church tech as its "clean" channel makes the electric sound like an acoustic and is easy for beginners to use. The chorus and reverb sound much nicer when not overdriven.

This particular product is good for amateur recordings and session musicians who perform in small indoor as well as outdoor events. The clean channel produces better sound than the lead channel. But if you are into metal music, then this might not be the right fit for you as it doesn't feature many effects.

You will need to invest in pedals if you wish to add effects to your music. The equalization (EQ) is not so good with overdrive, so this might not be the one if you want to play some hardcore rock music.

The Peavey Rage 258 surpasses its predecessor, the Peavey Rage 158, in terms of power output. Rage 258 provides 25W power, while Rage 158 provides only 15W power.


  • Great tone
  • Clear, impeccable sound with a good power output
  • Durable and reliable
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • Distortion is not good enough
  • Limited functions and effects
  • No reverb
  • Not as good as tube amps in terms of rock music

Features & Benefits

25W Power Output - Peavey Rage 258 Review

Despite the small size (8-inch super-duty Blue Marvel speaker), Peavey Rage 258 gives out powerful sound output. Whether it is a small band performance or a church choir, this amp produces a sound that is clear and loud at the same time and is hence a delight to the ears of the audience.

It is not just the powerful sound but also the incredible low tones that this amp offer keeps the audience moving and enjoying the bass guitar. The clean, natural, and organic sound makes it just the right fit for chorus singing.

Two Switchable Channels: Clean and Lead

It is extremely easy to switch channels in a Peavey Rage 258. The switch from clean to lead and vice versa is quite smooth. This is a great benefit for the beginners as they can have control over their sound. This control over one's sound becomes essential when performing in a group or a choir.

The sound that the clean channel offers is devoid of any effects (since there aren't any available with this version). And so it is pure and raw as if coming straight from the instrument without any artificial amplification.

Additional to these channels, the amp features two radically different voicing switches - modern and vintage. You can adjust the voicing based on the mood and tone of your piece of music.

Preamp and Power amp

The preamp and the power amp are the basic building blocks of a Transtube amplifier. The preamp section is carefully tailored to meet the need of any type of style of playing.

It can sustain any amount of drive from crystal clear to thick while maintaining the smoothness. The power amp acts just like a tube output. It reacts to the preamp with natural compression, which increases with the increase in sound.

This type of circuit is an advantage because the sound released is free from the annoying ultra-high frequency. The music is without any rough tones. It is rather smooth and pleasant to hear.      

Lightweight and Portable

The lightweight (less than 20 lbs) feature of Peavey Rage 258 benefits people who need to constantly move their amp from one place to another. A Transtube amp is more compact as compared to a tube amp.

It is easier to deal with, as there are no complex designs involving tubes. When you need to move on and off stage quite often, then you need an amp that is portable and durable. This small amplifier is capable of handling a lot of abuse.

3 Band EQ- Tape/CD aux input/direct out and Headphone jack

The 3 band EQ (equalizations) makes it jam-session ready while the headphone jack and other aux inputs are an advantage to the solo performers.

For higher versions of amps (like Bandit), you need to select different EQs for clean and lead channels, but with Rage 258, all 3 EQs sound good with any of the channels. All 3 EQs are especially delightful with the clean channel.

Customer Reviews

While looking for an amplifier that best suits my requirements, I scoured the internet and found some relevant user reviews. For me, it is by far the best way to get answers to all my queries regarding the purchase of a product online.

Here are some user reviews for your convenience and satisfaction:

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Alternatives - Peavey Rage 258 Review

Peavey Rage 258 is an excellent amplifier in itself, but it is not necessarily the only one. If the features and benefits of Peavey Rage 258 do not meet your requirements, then there are several other alternatives available in the market.

These alternatives might fulfill your needs. If you are looking for something else in your amp, then you might want to consider the following recommendations:

  • If you are looking for an array of in-built effects and easy USB connectivity for audio recording outputs, then Fender Mustang I V2 is just the right fit for you. It comes with reverb, delay/echo, tremolo, phaser, and other effects.

It is ideal for guitarists who are new to digital recording. It consists of 17 remarkably authentic amp models and 24 onboard presets. It comes with recording software to record playback for later performances. It is compact, portable, and affordable.

So if you are a musician looking for an amp that includes features and effects capable of producing custom sound, then I strongly recommend the Fender Mustang I V2. You can get more insights on the product here.

  • Another great alternative to Peavey Rage 258 is the Roland Cube 10GX. It is almost similar to Rage 258 but with some more features. In addition to the 3 EQ bands, it includes chorus, delay, and reverb effects.

Since the power output is only 10W, the mighty Roland Cube is ideal for solo practice and performances conducted within a small area, like a room or a small gathering hall. You can get more insights on the product here.

To Sum Up

The Peavey Rage 258 is a strong amplifier that produces a clear sound that is powerful enough for small bands and church choirs. The compact size and easy to set up features are a benefit to the beginners who can have control over their sound with the basic effects.

I would recommend this to only the beginners and not advanced musicians as it does not include many effects, reverb, and the distortion is also not that good. Since the EQ is also not so good with overdrive, the Rage is not the right choice for rock metal music.

Rage 258 gives you good value for money. It is affordable and hence good for people who are on a budget. The brand Peavey is highly reliable in terms of quality assurance of the product. The amplifier is well-suited for church choirs because there is no need for artificial effects.

The clean channel produces a natural, clear, and pleasant sound that can easily reach every corner of the hall. Also, given the brand value, I would surely suggest it to you.

Hopefully, my Peavey Rage 258 Review will help you make an informed decision based on your personal requirements.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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