Audio Technica AT2021 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on August 25, 2020.
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Audio Technica AT2021 Review

Too busy for the full read? Here is why you should buy Audio Technica AT2021.

✅ Good sound with tweaking features.
✅ Superior build.
✅ Great for vocals and instruments.
✅ Compact and lightweight.

If you are unaware of the latest technical advancements, selecting an equipment like a microphone becomes a tedious task. Moreover, with the wide array of products available in the market, how should you select the right equipment for yourself?

Especially in cases of studio recordings and live performances, good quality equipment really makes a difference. So what exactly makes for a good microphone? Whether it is the features or the brand name, all things matter to make a great microphone.

The challenge of selecting the right mic multiplies when you need it for church choirs or related activities. With limited resources and knowledge, it becomes difficult to allocate them to such activities.

In fact, I have faced such issues on a first-hand basis. This makes me know the importance of outside help. I intend to ease your task for selecting a microphone for all kinds of live performances and studio recordings. Here we will specifically cover the Audio Technica AT2021 review for you.

Things to consider before buying a Microphone

If you do not have a good-quality microphone for the church choir, it will not make an impact. It will severely affect the service quality and performance. Hence, you need a reliable and impactful device to do the magic. You should choose a microphone based on your requirements and budget at hand.

Meanwhile, there are some factors you need to consider before selecting the right one. These are:

Type of microphone

You might already be aware of the types of microphones. These are overhead or dynamics, ribbons microphones, or condenser microphone. Each one has some unique set of abilities that makes it desirable. Moreover, these also vary in terms of the setup. For instance, an overhead mic relieves you from a temporary setup. You will not have to re-adjust the mic every time.

If you want superior performance, a condenser microphone is the right choice. These offer an extended and high-frequency response. These are also sensitive to tiny variations. This makes the condenser microphones appropriate for studio or live performances.


The type of microphone greatly varies with the end application. If you want mics supporting the acoustic instruments in your choir, then go with condenser microphones. These are compatible with guitars, mandolin, violin, or other equipment. Moreover, condenser microphones also provide a smoother response for flutes or reed equipment. 

Diaphragm of condenser

You will find variations between the diaphragms of different microphones. These can range from miniature to large. Large-diaphragm condensers are more appropriate for brash brass like trumpets. These offer a less transient response and provide smoother sounds.

For an instrument like an acoustic piano, both miniature and large-diaphragm condensers will work fine. Meanwhile, pencil condensers are widely used as drum overheads to allow an excellent transient response.

Brand Value

While this might not seem as important, a branded mic has several advantages. For starters, you can rely on the quality of the equipment. Moreover, if you do face any issues, the strong customer service or consumer-related policies come to the rescue. Hence, make sure you buy from a renowned brand, even if that means spending some extra bucks.

Presenting the AT2021

Audio Technica is not a new name in the music industry. It has been trusted by thousands of customers for providing high-quality equipment. The wide range of microphones satisfies all kinds of customers.

The Audio Technica AT2021 is a good choice for Cardioid Condenser Microphones. Whether you are looking for extended frequency response or a wide dynamic range, this model will fit right in.

This microphone is most suitable for instruments or high-SPL applications. Whether it is a guitar performance or live church choir, you can trust this one to meet your expectations. Moreover, the AT2021 is a significant improvement over other out-dated condenser microphones.


  • Good sound with tweaking features
  • Superior build
  • Low mass element
  • Great for vocals and instruments
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The shorter body makes it inappropriate to move around
  • It is a bit expensive

Features of Audio Technica AT2021

Microphone compatibility

If you are looking for a great fit for your acoustic instruments, the AT 2021 by Audio Technica cannot go wrong. It supports a wide range of instruments like drums, guitars, piano, bass, etc. Not only instruments but these are quite suitable for vocals and amps too. It will exemplify the voice notes in group vocals. The compatibility of this equipment gives it an edge over other alternatives.

Overall, you will get superior performance with the microphone with any high-SPL (sound pressure level) applications.

Polar Pattern

You might have noticed the considerable changes in microphone shapes over the years. Each change brings about an improvement in the ease of use. However, the main improvement with pattern changes leads to higher sound quality.

The cardioid design works quite well for the microphone. This cardioid polar pattern in the Audio Technica AT2021 is a great feature of this model. It reduces the pickup of the side and rear sounds. Moreover, the pattern helps to improve the isolation of the desired sound source.

Sound Features

If you fear that your mic sound will get lost in the crowd, the Audio Technica AT2021 will be the right choice for you. It produces a clear and bright sound quality, that is audible for afar.

One of the most advantageous features of this item is the low-mass element for a superb transient response. This is quite beneficial for vocal performances. The mic also offers greater sensitivity to transitions. It will essentially be useful for soft-vocalists. Moreover, your vocalists will be left with more breathiness while using this microphone.

The extended response is a great feature based on your applicability. This feature allows for smooth and natural sonic characteristics in the sound.

Wide application

One of the major advantages of the AT2021 is the wide applicability of the equipment. Whether you are looking for studio recording or playing for an audience, this serves both purposes. It meets the needs of all kinds of musicians. The condenser design of the microphone allows for wide usability.

Moreover, this microphone is quite suitable for live vocalist performances. Whether it is a church choir or group performances, you will feel a change while using the equipment.

Premium Design

Good sound quality will not be long last if the structure and design are not durable. Audio Technica is a reliable brand with respect to long-lasting equipment. The XLRM-type connector of the AT2021 model is strong and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the rugged design is suitable for all live performances.

The small and compact shape of the mic makes it easily portable. The mic delivers a powerful performance despite the small diaphragm.

Accessories - Audio Technica AT2021 Review

The AT2021 model has a permanently polarized condenser with a fixed-charge backplate. You will find a microphone stand clamp with the package. This helps to fix the mic on a stand. The equipment also comes with a clip pouch and a 20'XLR cable. The protective pouch is ideal for storing or transporting the mic to different places.

Customer Reviews

The best way to cross-check a product is by going through customer reviews. I have done thorough research and analysis of the Audio Technica AT2021 mic before writing the review. If you go through the customer reviews of the mic, you will find most of them to be positive. Hence, you can expect the mic to fulfill all the mentioned features.

I have attached some reviews for your convenience below:


Alternatives - Audio Technica AT2021 Review

It is not necessary that AT2021 fulfills all your requirements. It may be based on features or price points. Hence, I have certain other recommendations for you in case you are looking for something else. These are:

  • If you are looking for a studio-oriented mic, you can go ahead with Audio Technica AT2022 X/Y. This mic is more appropriate for full-time studio use, rather than live performances. It is useful for multi-purpose recordings and provides great sound quality. The mic structure is stable and easy to use. You can check the product here.
  • A great alternative to Audio Technica 2021 is the Samson Co2 Pencil Condenser Microphone. It shares some of the features of the AT2021, like the small diaphragm and cardioid pattern. It is appropriate for string instruments like guitar or violin. You can get more insights on the product here.
  • Another alternative to AT2021 is the Rode 920601 NT3 microphone. It is a hyper-cardioid condenser microphone. The product is made with heavy-duty cast iron for more durability. It provides high immunity to RF interface. However, it is more expensive than the AT2021. You can review the product here.


Audio Technica AT2021 is a great mic with some unique abilities. Moreover, the price completely justifies the product capacity. As the brand is well-established, I will recommend it to you. It provides clear sound effects. Moreover, the mic is easy to handle and doesn’t occupy much space. If you cant decide a suitable mic for church choirs, this certainly is well-fitted equipment. You can click here to see the product.

Hopefully, this article helped guide you in selecting the right Condenser microphone. Do not forget to list down your requirements and match them with the features of the mic before finalizing it.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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