Behringer KM1700 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 10, 2020.
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Behringer KM1700 Review

Amplifiers can make a difference, but you would not know just how much until you read this Behringer KM1700 review.

I was pleasantly surprised after attending one of the spiritual music festivals arranged by my nearby church. The attendance on the second day was so high that I knew people loved coming the first day too. I was, however, confused as to what brought this splendid change.

After discussing it with my friend, I realized that the only thing that the church did differently was to install a brand new amplifier. The remarkable KM 1700 comes with excellent power of 1700W and offers an extremely fast and accelerated transient response technology. Moreover, high tech efficiency is also supported by the supercharged workhorse that enhances performance and provides majestic sounds.

Things to Consider Before Buying

I wasn’t always the smartest person when it came to technology, but I was a huge music enthusiast. I hence wanted to buy the best possible amplifier. This model came with the perfect ATR technology that combines aesthetics with amazing specs. You also get an amazing punch and clarity, thanks to its 2 x 800 W power and 4-ohm current. Moreover, bridge mode also helps provide better coverage.

It has a very smooth and stable limiters that offer the maximum output where needed. These are also switchable hence providing better overload protection. I also fell in love with the exterior of the model. I found the durability to be much better than most other amplifiers in the market. This made sure that I could use the Behringer for a very long time.

However, before making any decision, you need to be wary of some things.

  • Does the model offer better resistance against impact?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Can I use it for different purposes?

I asked these questions along with many others. I knew that my dad was paying for the amplifier, and so I didn’t want to waste his money. Moreover, my friends and I like playing small gigs here and there so I wanted the best performance. I also wanted more and more people to attend our performances, so I was also hoping for louder volumes and better controls. Thankfully, I got this and much more with Behringer.

Presenting the Product

From the minute I set my eyes on Behringer, I knew it was something special. The more I read about its features, the more I was convinced that my first impression was correct. The product comes with a very precise power that is needed to enhance your sounds on the stage. It also offers smart and accurate LED clips that will monitor your performance and keep your audience hooked for a longer time. However, what fascinated me was the XLR and TRS input connectors that could be attached to any input source and ensure excellent compatibility for your unit.


  • ATR technology ensures better clarity
  • Bridge mode offers greater diversity
  • The maximum output level is relatively high
  • Precision and accuracy in sound
  • Greater connectivity with many input sources


  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand.

Features & Benefits

The first time I ever heard the amplifier work, my heart skipped a beat. The acoustics were so great that I wanted to sit all day and delve into the beautiful sounds. I realized that I had done a good thing about properly researching the features before purchasing the model. Here are all the features that I loved about Behringer KM 1700.

Output power

With its excellent output power of 1700 W, there is nothing that this unit cannot achieve. It comes with a remarkable design and one of the best technologies in the market. The Accelerated transient response technology has a bridge mode that separates the total power into 2 sections. The high tech efficiency will also keep you charged and feeling energetic for a long time.


It takes a lot of current, energy, and voltage for any woofer to deliver fast and breathtaking beats. This ability is enhanced with the presence of a good transient response and an efficient amp design. The manufacturers selected all the transistors carefully. These offer better optimization and a very high slew rate that enhances the performance of other proprietary sections of the circuitry as well. All this helps ensure the unit reacts instantly to any changes in the bass impulses.


The indicators on the front side, as well as the panels, help provide a better aesthetic appeal to the unit, but they also do something more profound. Once you press the power buttons, the Led lights will show up, indicating that your unit is ready to be used. You can then make use of the many controls situated on top to achieve a diverse range of music. You can also flick the limiter to activate the overload protection feature of the unit.

Channels - Behringer KM1700 Review

All the channels that Behringer has come with positive-detent gain controls. These light up whenever there is an input signal. There are also Clip LED's that will light up to alert when the signal is too unnecessarily high. Moreover, the rear panel also comes with a very balanced XLR and TRS technology. This, together with TS connections, helps make Behringer a very professional and reliable locking speaker. The touch-proof and output bind posts also ensure better connections and compatibility with the speakers.

Weight and portability

Unlike many other amplifiers, Behringer doesn’t offer efficiency at the cost of portability. The unit is large, but it isn’t very heavy. You can use it inside your car and can also take it to your camping trips and enjoy unrealistically loud music.

Benefits - Behringer KM1700 Review

  • The 1700 W power is divided into two sections, and the 8-ohm total current provides unmatched sound volumes.
  • The accelerated transient responses ensure that you can shift from one mode to the other quickly.
  • The switchable limiters will provide maximum output level for your convenience.
  • The signal and clip LED lighters to help add an aesthetic appeal to your music whilst also monitoring performance.
  • Its lightweight body allows you to carry it to any place hence ensuring greater diversity.

Social Proof

I was excited to see what most buyers had written about the product. I wasn't nervous or anxious to find any negative reviews because I knew that not everyone has the same needs. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that most people loved the amplifier. They had praised its strong build quality that offered excellent durability. Moreover, they also said that the brand delivered on all its promises, and Behringer worked exactly as the brand explained. Lastly, they also found the unit to be extremely quiet in its operation.

Km1700 1


Km1700 2


If you ever dread this part, then you need to reevaluate your decision. If you are afraid of competition, then it means your preferred model isn’t as good as you think it is. I wasn’t afraid at all because I had heard the amplifier work its beauty at the church. But to ensure that I was being fair to myself as well as to my father’s investment, I still decided to compare Behringer to other units.

My father wasn’t willing to spend more than a fixed amount, which is why I only chose products that were under my budget. I listed the most prominent features of all these units and then looked at them simultaneously. After doing that, I was even more convinced that Behringer was the right choice for me.

I am sharing a snippet of the comparison overview to help you reach a sensible decision as well.

Crown XLi800

Behringer KM1700Crown XLi800
Provides higher powerLess power provides less intensity
Provides an excellent ATR technologyOnly offers 2 channels
Relatively heavyLightweight

Crown XLS1502

Behringer KM1700Crown XLS1502
Provides 1800 W powerProvides only 300 W
CheaperMore expensive
Provides bridge mode onlyProvides three distinct modes


Behringer KM1700QSC GX3
Provides a very high powerLess power restricts intensity
Relatively cheaperMore expensive
Heavier thus less portableA lightweight body provides better portability


It’s been a week since I last heard the music at the church, and I am still smitten. I can’t get over the feelings of joy it invoked. I initially wanted to buy the amplifier the same day; however, the whole research process took a lot of time. By the end of it, I was in love with the front panel controls of the unit that ensured better management of the music. Moreover, the LED lights also showed when the amplifier was ready for the mesmerizing action. The channels incorporated in the design also offered fully positive-detent gain controls with smooth LED lights.

So if you too want to invest in a revolutionary model, look no further than here.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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