Canon Pixma G4210 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 20, 2020.
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Canon Pixma G4210 Review

Does your work demand a lot of printing? Do you often use printers for printing your kid’s projects and assignments?

There are thousands of options available in the market, and it can be confusing to pick one from such a variety of options in the market.

Even I faced the same problem when I first thought of buying a good printer that works for me. So, to ease your job, here we have come up with the Canon Pixma G4210 Review.

Check out the new Canon Pixma G4210

Canon Pixma G4210 is a Wireless All-in-One printer. It comes with a super-tank, which means it has an extra-large ink tank for those who are tired of changing their ink cartridges frequently. It is suitable for work from home, small offices, or when you are working in groups.

The process of refilling the ink is also quite simple. You can fill it with an ink bottle, and the best part is it holds more ink than the standard printer tanks.

Like many other similar printers available in the present market, Canon Pixma G4210 does not offer you several features. But it can provide you with good performance at a very low cost. If you are running a small home office, price and quality are the key factors to concentrate on, and this printer can meet your requirements.


  • The print quality is great, especially for photographs.
  • Ethernet working facility.
  • 5 inches X 5 inches Instagram images printing
  • It offers excellent support with mobile devices.
  • Copy, print, scan, and fax; it is an All-in-One printer.
  • Set it up with your PC or laptop in just a few steps.


  • It is a bit slow compared to other similar models.
  • There is no Wi-Fi Direct option.

Important features of Canon Pixma G4210

Multiple Connectivity

If you have used any Canon printer in the past, then you will be able to find out the difference easily. Canon Pixma G4210 offers you multiple connectivity options. You will be able to connect through Wi-Fi, you can use USB to connect to the computer directly, and the best part is Ethernet.

Ethernet connectivity is not available in any model released by Canon so far. You also have other cloud and mobile options like the Canon Print App. This app will facilitate document printing with the help of the internet, GCloud Print, Easy PhotoPrint+ 8, My Image Garden, Pixma Cloud Link, and Mopria.

The only problem that you will face with this printer is you will not be able to scan or print from any flash memory drives like SD cards or USB drives. At this price range, it is one of the common features that most people expect.

Ink Efficiency

The Ink efficiency means how many pages you will be able to print with one bottle of ink. With the Canon Pixma G4210 All-in-One printer, you can print approximately 6000 pages in black, and it is 7000 in color.

This count can vary based on the thickness of ink required while printing something. But this is a good number compared to most standard cartridges that can print not more than 220 pages per cartridge. That means you are getting 30 times better ink tank capacity.

When you buy the printer, you will receive a full set of ink bottles. Along with that, you will also receive two extra black ink bottles. You need to be very careful when you are filling the ink. If you fill the wrong color in the tank, it will be a tough job for you to change everything by yourself.

Print Quality

Usually, we always have a misconception that when the printer is good with quantity, there will be some issues with the output quality. But this printer has proved us wrong. It comes with extra-ordinary print quality, just like its performance with quantity.

The resolution of the prints is 4800 X 1200 dpi. Whether it is black text or colorful images, the quality is very sharp. We have checked by printing different kinds of pictures and documents as well.

Speed - Canon Pixma G4210 Review

The next important feature that you should note about this amazing printer is its printing speed. With the standard printers, you will have to wait for at least one minute to print even one document, and it is going to higher if you are printing an image or photo.

But with the Canon Pixma G4210, you will be able to print black documents at a speed of 8.8 IPM, and for color photos, it can print at 5 IPM. This is quite fast for us as we have used a few other printers in the past and the waiting time was more than a minute. A few seconds of waiting did not matter to us.

Quality scanning

The next notable feature about the printer is the scanning facility. It is an All-in-One printer, and you will be able to scan and copy it with this printer’s help. The scan bed of this printer is 8.66 inches X 11.81 inches. That means a little longer than the standard paper size.

It is suitable for almost everyone, except for those who need to scan a little longer page. The scan bed size seems to be perfect for that size of the printer because it is already bulk in size. Anything more than that size can make it heavier and occupy a lot of space.

Copy making

This printer gives you the best quality copied documents. The color and clarity are both good, but the UI of both copying and scanning is a bit messy.


Another important feature that you will be able to use as part of this printer is Faxing. The speed of faxing is quite good. For black, it takes approximately three seconds per page, and when it comes to color, it takes sixty seconds per page.

Customer reviews

When you are unsure whether you are making the right choice or not, the best and simple way to verify your decision is to check the user reviews. User reviews can be very helpful as they give thoughts after using them and not just by looking at them.

So, even we have gone through the reviews about Canon Pixma G4210. Most of the reviews were positive, and so you can be sure that you are taking home one of the best printers that meet your continuous printing needs.

Here are some of the user reviews for you

Canon Pixma G4210 Review

Alternatives - Canon Pixma G4210 Review

Everyone has their own set of requirements, and Canon Pixma G4210 may not meet all your needs. There can be many reasons why this model was not satisfying for you. So, here are some of the best alternatives for this model:

  • Canon Pixma G6020 is one of the best alternatives for G4210 if you are looking for a slightly smaller version of the same features. This model will help you save some space on your work table, and you will be able to lift it easily. The price is even less.
  • If you are looking for the same connectivity option offered by the G4210 model, then Canon Pixma G7020 also comes with almost the same features. G7020 is the latest version of G4210. It has an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) feature as well. So, while copying the images, you will not have to flip each image to copy the other side of the page.

Bottom Line

Canon Pixma G4210 is one of the best options for you from such a wide range of available options. When looking at the price and the features offered to you from this model may not be completely fulfilling. The copy and scan UI is not up to the mark, but when you take a detailed look at the printer, it is outstandingly performing its basic function.

You will be able to print some of the best photos of your life, all your work-related documents, and much more with just one bottle of ink. The Super tank or the Mega tank of this printer is worth trying. So, what are your requirements? Does this printer match your needs? Do not forget to check with your requirements before you buy one.

Article written by Mark Le
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