Canon TS8220 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on October 1, 2020.
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Canon TS8220 Review

Because this model offered amazing features, I had a fun time writing this Canon TS8220 review. Like many other modern churches, our church was also adapting to the new world. We weren’t allocated the last budget; however, another reason why we weren’t able to make any updates was that we outsourced a lot of things. One major thing was printing. Every time our church needed a printing job to be done, it used to outsource the job to a company. The costs of shipping, designing, and printing together resulted in a lot of money; money that the church could use elsewhere.

I joined the church as an employee very recently but I was committed to lowering the functional costs of the place. I suggested the bishop to install a studio printer so the church could save on costs and efforts. He was hesitant at first but after some thorough convincing, he was more than happy to oblige to my requests. He only had one concern; he wanted this printer to be easy to use and affordable. I assured him he would get both features. And he surely did in the form of Canon TS8220.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Canon TS8220

Before starting my research, I was a tad bit nervous. I knew I was being entrusted with a huge responsibility and I didn’t want to mess up this chance. I first noted down some of the features that the church wasn’t going to compromise on at all. This included the less weight of the model, its excellent durability, but most importantly a low price.

There were some other features that I knew the management would want. This included an optimal functionality and accuracy of controls. None of the people there were tech geeks and so I wanted to choose a unit that was easy to use and allowed for greater flexibility. Moreover, printers don’t usually provide precision and accuracy. This was something I was very cautious about.

Here are some questions I hence asked myself.

  • Does the model offer sharpness?
  • Is the color ink system adequate for our needs?
  • What is the capacity of the unit?

These were just some of the many questions I asked myself before buying the unit. The answers to them were likely to influence my decision. The concerns about durability, price, and weight were the most important, and I made sure I didn’t proceed until I was satisfied on all fronts.

Presenting the Product

This streamlined and sleek design took the internet by storm and ensured almost all potential buyers considered it once. It comes with a 6 individual ink system that allows for greater sharpness and clarity. However, its best feature is that it allows for greater robustness. Your prints will come out in no time and will be of the highest quality. Moreover, the photo blue ink will ensure that your pictures will look much better than before. The technology will decrease any graininess and will ensure the smoothest color reproduction. To top all this, the model also comes with an excellent LCD touchscreen that is easy to handle and manage. So whether you are looking to use the model once every day or once in a month, rest assured that it will come through.


  • Uses 6 different inks
  • SD card support
  • Smart controls
  • Excellent print quality
  • Two paper input trays


  • Does not come with an automatic feeder

Features & Benefits

There are very few models that I like instantly. This was surely one of them. You may be surprised now, but once you look at some of the features of Canon, you will be able to relate to me. Here is what I loved about this printer.

Build and design

Most people don’t even consider the build and design of a print when finalizing their choice, but I had to. I knew that the durability of a product depends on its design and I didn’t want to take any risks. This is a relatively flat and compact printer that is available in red, white, and black colors. The model has a box-like design and has flat edges and a very stable and wide base at the bottom. The LED display and the panel both are flat and hence allow for better visibility. It also weighs less than 15 pounds which ensures better portability.

Connectivity options

This printer offers some of the most impressive features when it comes to connectivity. The all-in-one wireless can easily connect through a high speed USB-C. There is also an option for Bluetooth and LAN connectivity thus ensuring you have all the options you need. In short, there are a plethora of options that you can avail if you want to get your devices to communicate with each other.

Usage - Canon TS8220 Review

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t going to opt for a printer that was hard to use. This is because none of the people in the management would be comfortable with that. Luckily, Canon allowed for easy setup and offered comfortable usage. It also allows for app connectivity which means you are able to save both your time and energy in setting up complex commands.

Tray capacity

This model comes with a standard document tray that measures 8.5 inches by 11.7 inches. This corresponds to an A4 paper easily and also supports any other smaller format including a photo paper. My church needed to make use of both these types so I was extremely happy with this feature. The tray capacity is 100 sheets of paper along with 20 sheets of photo paper. This was more than adequate for my church’s needs.

Benefits of Canon TS8220

  • The printed text is very sharp and allows for greater precision and accuracy.
  • The 6-color individual ink system makes all your everyday prints look very clear and great.
  • You can print any documents using the Bluetooth, cloud, or Mopria print service thus enjoying diversity.
  • It is a compact and lightweight printer that can fit anywhere in your home without taking up much space.
  • It allows you to save 10% on all your orders with the excellent Dash Replenishment technology.

Social Proof

I found the Canon Pixma to be the most exceptional unit in the market, but I knew I had to look for reviews before making a formal purchase. For this purpose, I went to the most reliable sites and read some of the comments people had left about the product. I was pleased to see that almost everyone had positive things to say about the unit. Most people had complimented the accuracy of the controls, whereas others had applauded the diversity the model offers. People had also praised the compact and sleek body that allowed them to place and move the model as many times as they wanted to.

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Alternatives - Canon TS8220 Review

I believe in first impressions and the Canon Pixma impressed me from the first moment I saw it, however, I didn’t want to waste any of my Church’s money on a bad quality printer, so I decided to compare this Canon model to a couple of others in the market. This part of my research proved very fruitful because I was able to figure out all the pros and a handful of unavoidable cons of my model too.

The model makes for an amazing addition at your home or your office because it has a sleek body. Moreover, its lightweight design allows you to place it anywhere you want without taking up much space. While comparing it to some other models, I also found out that Canon offers better diversity and saves on utility costs. On top of that, it is also cheaper and allows for a good capacity.

Xerox Phaser 3330/DNI

Canon TS8220Xerox Phaser 3330/DNI
Inkjet printingLaser printing
Saves on utility costsExpensive to run
Less diverse printing mediaDiverse printing media

Lexmark MC3224dwe

Canon TS8220Lexmark MC3224dwe
Weighs 14 poundsWeighs 40 pounds
Less capacityMore capacity

Canon TR8520 

Canon TS8220Canon TR8520 
6 color individual ink system5 color individual ink system
More portableLess portable
Only prints plain paperCan print glossy paper


The first time the management saw and used the printer, they all smiled because, within minutes, all the prints were out. There was no additional shipping or printing cost. Moreover, the management realized that they were able to save a lot of time with this and they could print papers at a short notice whenever they wanted. Apart from these obvious benefits, we all loved the durability of Canon and felt that its lightweight body made its usage very easy for everyone.

So if you are looking to save on your time, energy, and cost, make sure you get yourself a good printer as soon as possible.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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