Cordoba 45 Limited Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 26, 2020.
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Cordoba 45 Limited Review

My extended research would have gone to waste if I didn’t share the results with you all in this Cordoba 45 Limited review. Of all the musical instruments I had ever played, the guitar was probably the only one I found challenging enough to excite me. I used to get pissed off every time my friends made fun of how I played the guitar. I sucked at it, but that was exactly why I didn’t give up. I knew that until I proved them wrong, I wouldn’t be able to rest.

I am 40 years old and have a tight-knit of friends who all go to the church every Sunday. There is a young boy who plays the guitar every week, and all my friends love it. My goal was to perfect my technique and then surprise them with a performance in the Church. The first step obviously involved a heavy investment. I knew that I had to buy a good guitar that would offer me room for improvement without being too complex. I had a talk with the guy who played at my Church, and he recommended I buy the Cordoba 45 Limited. He thought I was going to take his word for it; I was not!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordoba 45 Limited

I loved the recommendation and had every intention of giving it a proper thought, but I wasn’t going to limit my choices at the start of my research process. Cordoba did surprise me with its great aesthetic appeal and its excellent durability. The front and the back were made with a combination of spruce wood and ebony. When combined, this allowed for great strength and flexibility.

There is also a solid spruce top that gave the top part a solid finish and smooth appearance. I also liked the use of gloss polyurethane that ensured good efficiency. One thing that I was worried about was the scale length. It suggested that the guitar was made for more advanced musicians who had already perfected their technique. I was nowhere near doing that.

But I wasn’t going to let one feature determine the outcome. I hence asked myself a few simple yet important questions.

  • Could I carry the unit around?
  • Is it suitable for a larger audience?
  • Can I make easy adjustments?

The weight of the model was relatively less, and that satisfied me. I play for fun, and the last thing I wanted was to carry a heavy guitar that would make me appear uncomfortable in front of my friends. Thankfully, this unit was neither too heavy nor too long. I was also content with its flexibility and diversity.

Presenting the Product

This absolutely gorgeous guitar took the world by storm, and I did not escape its charm either. It offered incredible clarity and durability. The wooden construction also allows for robust and authentic sound production. Additionally, the neck offers an incredibly fast and smooth action that is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy more control over the acoustics. Moreover, the overall model offers high-quality hardware, which ensures that the guitar will sound great, regardless of the situation and the environment. To top all this, Cordoba also boasts of attractive colors that will make you appear more fashionable and stylish than you actually are.


  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Bone saddle and nuts
  • Savarez strings for diversity
  • High gloss and smooth finish
  • Tuning mechanics are gold-plated


  • Does not offer dexterity

Features & Benefits

People say, and I thought so too, that no matter how much you like a model, you will always find things that you dislike about it. I was actually waiting for the time when I would discover a feature of Cordoba that did not please me. Luckily for me, that time didn’t come. Instead, more and more extraordinary features filled up my laptop’s screen. Don’t believe me? Read ahead and find out all about them.

Wood case

There is no point in having a good guitar if you can’t protect it, and that is where a wood case comes in. compared to other models, Cordoba doesn’t require you to buy a separate case as an extraordinary and durable case comes in the package. It features a 7 ply construction and contains a great humidification system. This does a great job at protecting your unit from any extra humidity and hence makes it great for storage.


The strings are also amazing and allow for great flexibility. There are an ebony fingerboard and bone saddle, and nuts that also aid the strings in ensuring a great performance. Moreover, the tuning machines are gold-plated and allow for extra strength.


Looks don’t always matter, but I wanted to surprise my friends and my audience. This is why I chose a unit that offers a good glossy finish. Cordoba also came with a consistent construction all over that gave it a smooth appearance. The edges were fine too that made this guitar a comfortable appliance to hold.

Robust sounds

The beauty of this guitar was amazing, but that would have made no difference if the sounds weren’t equally impressive too. The bass of this classical guitar offers both powerful and resonant sound and is firm and steady throughout. Moreover, the guitar has the ability to stand out even if it’s played with a number of other instruments.

Benefits - Cordoba 45 Limited Review

  • The strings are of high quality and can last for a long time without needing any replacements.
  • The model comes with great stock strings and a durable wood case with high-quality ply construction.
  • The bass sounds resonant and powerful and is very firm, regardless of the situation.
  • The guitar offers greater compatibility and holds its own with whatever instrument you are playing it with.
  • The high gloss finish increased its appeal and ensure the exterior remains intact with age.

Social Proof

I was looking through a lot of reviews on the internet to see what other people had said, but I wasn’t convinced. I was mainly looking at reviews that were either paid or were too biased. However, I also came across some very authentic ones that praised this design. Most people loved the inclusion of black and white ebony colors that made Cordoba appear very vintage and appealing to the audience. Moreover, some people had also complimented the consistency in the design. The top, back, and sides were made of a similar model and had the same glow. But surprisingly enough, the one feature that was mentioned in almost all reviews was the wood case bag. People loved that the package included a storage back that kept that prized possession safe and protected wherever they went.

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Even the thought of spending so much money can seem frightening, but when you are actually doing it, the stakes get even higher. My sole aim was to make an impression in front of my friends, and I was not going to let that dream go easily. I also knew that the minute I felt convinced with all the features of the guitar, I would instantly buy it, regardless of the price.

I hence chose both expensive and cheap models for the comparison part. My passion compelled me to make long notes regarding the features of each product. I was fascinated by almost all the models I saw, but I knew that only one would land on my door in the upcoming week. After scribing down my notes, I began the comparison part. I looked at all my options simultaneously to see which features stood out for me. I didn’t want to get portability at the cost of durability, and there was only one model that ensured that.

Here is how I reached a conclusion.

Cordoba Guitars Classical

Cordoba 45 LimitedCordoba Guitars Classical
Spruce wood constructionCedar wood construction
High tension stringThe string is less durable

Ovation ExoticWoods

Cordoba 45 LimitedOvation ExoticWoods
Larger scale lengthSmaller scale length
Lightweight materialHeavier
The string is more flexibleLess flexible string

Martin X Series

Cordoba 45 LimitedMartin X Series
Scale length is 25 inchesScale length is 23 inches
More durable constructionLess durable


The biggest issue that I had while getting a new guitar was not the investment that had to go in, but the fear that I might regret my choice. I was very passionate about my music and wanted to make a purchase that I would never regret. I also knew that I had only one shot, and hence I could not take any chances. However, all of my concerns first dwindled, and then vanished completely after I started practicing on Cordoba. It really turned out to be the guitar of my dreams!

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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