Fender FA-100 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 28, 2020.
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Fender FA-100 Review

I wrote this Fender FA-100 review for my son and for every teenager who was looking to develop a career in music. My son, from an early age, showed interest in music. There was rarely anything that gave him more pleasure or comfort. He wasn’t a much of a talker and that always bothered me. I wanted to do something about it. Luckily, I once went to my nearby church and saw a few teenagers learning how to play music. The Church used to teach soulful music to the kids so they can perform at the choir or after sermons. I knew my son could also contribute to this, and in doing so, hopefully, make a few friends.

I talked to the bishop and shared the entire story with him. He was more than happy to help me. I also told him that my son was already gifted in this art, and only needed some guidance. He recommended that I buy my son a new guitar so he can learn better techniques and hone his skills. I was ready to spend as much money as needed; but luckily, in the end, I didn’t have to. I found a model that was both affordable and offered features of an expensive acoustic guitar.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fender FA-100

One of the top considerations for me was a carrying bag. I knew that I wanted to get my son a model that he could carry to and from the church easily. I wanted to invest in a design that was both compact and lightweight. Fender FA not only weighed less but also came with a black nylon gig bag that allowed for easy storage and portability. Moreover, this bag ensured greater safety for the guitar and ensured that the strings and the strap were safe from damage.

Another excellent feature that could contribute to my child’s convenience was a wide, yet comfortable strap. This would come in handy during playing and carrying the guitar, but more importantly, it came with a rear strap button that further ensured safety. There was also the issue of durability. My son is rather clumsy and I knew that any cheap model would break or get damaged easily and I could not risk that.

My concerns didn’t end there, I also asked a couple of other questions

  • Does the model allow for diversity?
  • Are the strings flexible?
  • Does it ensure longevity?

I wanted to get the best possible design for my child; one that he would fall in love with. So it was important that I get satisfactory answers to all these questions. Fender FA was one model that satisfied me and allowed for both diversity, and longevity. It also ensured flexibility.

Presenting the Product

The guitar playing was never as easy as it is now with the help of this amazing Fender FA-100. It is an excellent acoustic guitar that never ceases to amaze you. The best thing about this is the price. You get all the superior features of a high-end model by paying very little money. The model comes with a glossy and protective finish that covers the entire body. There is also a quartersawn X bracing that comes with a laminated spruce top. Moreover, there is a saddle that adds to the convenience. To top all this, the model comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable strap bag
  • Rear strap button
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Basswood top


  • Longer frame

Features & Benefits

This was my favorite part because as a music enthusiast, I got to research so many amazing specs of the Fender FA. Every feature was better than the last one, and that truly surprised me. Here is a description of the most remarkable benefits.

Sound - Fender FA-100 Review

The sound is as decent as it gets. The best thing about this unit is that it’s neither too complex nor too simple thus making it an excellent model for both beginners and professionals. Moreover, compared to other acoustic guitars it allows for a much crisper tune that will mesmerize any audience. The sound projection is also smooth and offers an excellent range.


It was important for me to find a model that was neither too large nor too small and Fender was just the perfect size. It was 9 pounds only and came with an excellent and durable strap for convenience. Moreover, it offered a dreadnought shape that further enhanced its appeal. The neck, however, is made of a glossy shaped maple that feels smooth to the touch.


Durability was another feature that I was looking for. Fender FA, as promised, came with laminated spruce on top and featured a quartersawn bracing. The use of basswood for the back and sides meant that the model was less likely to break or get damaged upon impact. Moreover, I was pleased to know that the use of basswood ensured a more pleasant and clear sound.

Portability and storage

My son hates when he has to constantly take care of something which is why I always wanted to find him a guitar that was easy to carry and store. Two features aided in the process. The strap helped him in carrying the model around with ease. The bag helped keep the model safe when not in use. The excellent durability and strength that these things provided also appealed to me. The bag also helps keep the strings intact.

Lifetime warranty

One of the most impressive features of this model had to be its excellent and unmatched warranty. Both my son and I were very pleased to know that Fender FA came with a lifetime limited warranty. This meant that regardless of how frequently you use the guitar, you can rely on it to survive the test of time.

Benefits of Fender FA-100

  • It comes with a nylon gig bag that not only allows for better storage but also provides ease of portability.
  • The strap is both wide and comfortable and makes playing the guitar in all positions very easy.
  • There is a time tested quartersawn X bracing that will add to better projections and allow for top stability.
  • The truss rod in the neck is easily adjustable and will counteract any string tension from the gauge thus allowing for optimum playability.
  • You get a lifetime warranty that ensures greater reliability.

Social Proof

Fender FA-100 looks good and it sounds good and that made with very happy. However, I wanted to give my son the best chance at succeeding, so I didn’t want to take any risks. I hence looked for reviews on the internet to see what other people were saying. The quality of the guitar impressed almost everyone. They loved the fact that this guitar was one of the cheapest in the market. Moreover, people had also praised the durability and efficiency of the design and commended its warranty.

Resource: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FA100NT--fender-fa100-acoustic-with-gig-bag-natural/reviews

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Alternatives - Fender FA-100 Review

There were a couple of things that I wanted to prioritize in this case; durability, portability, and ease of usage. I was fine with exploring as many options as possible. I wasn’t into any rush and I knew the classes at the Church could wait until I find the right model for my child. I loved Fender FA, but I knew I was looking at the guitar from my own perspective and not from my son’s perspective. I had to change that.

I hence decided to compare the model with a couple of others to see which one emerged as the winner. I wrote the top features of all models and then evaluated them separately. I liked that Fender was not only one of the most affordable models but also offered better adjustability. Moreover, its lifetime warranty ensured that it was going to be my son’s constant companion.

Here are some other reasons why I ended up choosing the Fender FA.

Traveler Guitar, 6-String 

Fender FA-100Traveler Guitar, 6-String 
The top material is made of spruce materialThe top material is made of maple wood
Larger scale lengthSmaller scale length
Weighs 9 poundsWeighs 3 pounds

Kala U-Bass 

Fender FA-100Kala U-Bass 
6 strings4 strings
The top material is mahoganyThe top material is spruce wood
Comes with bagNo bag

Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series 

Fender FA-100Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series 
43 inches long32 inches long
More portableLess portable


Reaching the final decision, for me, was easier than I had anticipated. I knew of the specific things my son would look like. This included ease of usage, better aesthetics, and most importantly a durable and strong model. The main issue was that Fender was slightly heavier than some of the other options I considered. This worried me.

However, I realized that the wide and strong strap that comes with the model will provide the much needed support and will help provide ease to my son. Moreover, the durable case also aided in this purpose. So with all that in mind; I was finally satisfied that I made the best choice.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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