Focal Shape 65 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on October 2, 2020.
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Focal Shape 65 Review

This Focal Shape 65 review was written to help out Churches like us. Our church was considered one of the best ones in the city. It had a large sitting space and bright walls. It also had adequate lighting and received good attendance on Sundays. However, one thing that it lacked was a good studio monitor. The management body, including myself, were worried that without a good monitor, we won’t be able to retain our popularity for much longer. Almost all other churches in the vicinity were updating their equipment and we didn’t want to stay behind.

Since I was the only person in the management who understood the features and specs of tech equipment, I was naturally asked to look for a good monitor. The management allocated me a large budget and wanted me to find the most durable and efficient model in the market. I was excited to do this because I knew I didn’t have to stick to a small budget. After much deliberation and research, I finally found a unit that everyone loved.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Focal Shape 65 Studio Monitor

Studio monitors are different from speakers because the former is specifically designed to allow for better professional audio production applications. They should ideally allow for the recreation of music or sounds exactly like the original source. However, I knew that some units are of bad quality and hence allow for distorted sounds, especially at higher frequencies. This is something I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Focal Shape 65 pleased me initially because it was a single monitor that allowed a powerful acoustic performance. It also came with a special tweeter that ensured lower directivity and hence ensured greater flexibility. I was a bit concerned with the model’s inability to have a port. However, I soon realized that it came with a double passive radiator which allowed it to be placed near a wall easily.

So far, everything was good, but it wasn’t perfect. I hence asked myself a couple of questions so I could delve deeper into the specs of this model.

  • Does it offer optimal integration?
  • Do I get access to accurate controls?
  • How well is the bass?

Focal shape comes with numerous settings that hence for optimal integration but more importantly, the accuracy of controls is offered even in the high-end settings of the monitor. Moreover, I was also convinced that the bass was superb and will allow the church to produce the best quality music.

Presenting the Product

Focal shape 65 monitor is specifically designed to cater to the needs of all professionals. Since we were looking to buy a model for a church, we knew we couldn’t compromise on either efficiency or functionality. This monitor allowed for greater optimization thus ensuring that the individual needs are catered too. To top all that, there is also an excellent bass feature included that ensured greater precision during greater frequency. This monitor is also better than others because of its excellent tweeter. This prevents any masking effects and ensures there is no distortion in voice or quality. So if you are looking to get consistent results every single time, then Focal Shape is definitely the model to consider.

Pros - Focal Shape 65 Review

  • Excellent tweeter
  • Optimal integration
  • Greater flexibility
  • Superior bass range
  • Accuracy in controls


  • Expensive

Features & Benefits

A model may look very good but unless it has equally good features, it can’t be trusted. One thing that I loved about this brand is that it didn’t make any exaggerated claims. Everything that was promised was delivered. Here are some of the features I loved the most.

Speaker cones

Focal is known for introducing some of the best glass fiber cones in the market. The lightweight rigidity allows for an extraordinary definition that makes this an instant hit among professionals. Moreover, there is a layer of flax fiber that is sandwiched between the layers of glass fiber and results in a perfect low-frequency action. Furthermore, this layer is lightweight and hence doesn’t add much to the weight of the model.


Having accurate and low-end frequency was my priority and I knew that I wasn’t going to compromise on it. The excellent design of the model allows for a piston-like low-frequency action that ensures an increased dampening. You will also be surprised by how accurate this is in both mid and low range situations.

Advanced tweeter

The advanced tweeter that is added to this monitor is truly revolutionary and adds to the appeal of the design. There is an aluminum-magnesium dome tweeter that is very efficient and provides excellent functionality. There is another M shaped and inverted tweeter that provides excellent rigidity and ensures lower distortion.

Midrange neutrality

Beneath the MDF enclosure of the model, there are a number of technologies that ensure a linear frequency response. One of these is the excellent TMD that will surround the entire speaker. This stabilizing element offers excellent architecture and ensures great harmonics. Moreover, it produces a very flat and remarkable frequency response that is around 1 kHz and 2 kHz. This results in greater neutrality in the midranges.

Low-end stability

This is also another feature that truly captured my attention. The use of passive radiators ensured low-end stability that ensured consistent performance throughout. These radiators aid other technologies in giving the monitors a low-frequency response. By creating a balance between the different frequencies, these radiators are able to do a much better job than any ports. Moreover, this feature also allows you to keep your unit as close to the walls as you want. This makes them an excellent choice for both small and large studios and centers.

Benefits of Focal Shape 65 Studio Monitor

  • It offers tweeter that ensures low directivity for greater flexibility.
  • Comes with a double passive radiator that allows you to place the monitor near a wall.
  • There are numerous settings that not only allow diversity but also allows for optimal integration.
  • Accurate and precise controls even in the very high range of the monitor.
  • It offers a very well-defined and controlled bass that works best for lower mid-range and upper mid ranges.
  • It is an affordable and innovative model that allows for greater onboard amplification.

Social Proof

After reviewing all the products, one thing was pretty certain; people absolutely loved Focal Shape 65 Monitor. Everyone found it to be a very innovative and efficient model that came with all modern features. The integrated TMD along with the dual passive radiators increases frequency response and ensures the voice doesn’t distort at all. Moreover, the amplification is pretty great and allows for stability. So all in all, I was fully convinced that this model is going to be worth our while.

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Alternatives - Focal Shape 65 Review

Designed to meet every need of the house, this monitor impressed everyone. However, I knew that I wasn’t going to invest in it until I compared it with some of the other models in the market. To be as unbiased as possible, I asked some of my friends for recommendations. I asked them to remain within a certain budget range so none of the products were too expensive or too cheap. This was to ensure that no model was eliminated unfairly.

The comparison part turned out to be more rewarding than I thought. For starters, I found out that Focal Shape came with a neutral inductance circuit technology that allowed for the perfect magnetic field generation. Moreover, I also liked that my top preference came with better audio controls and ensured easier usage.

Here is the comparison table I made for my convenience.

Adam Audio A7X

Focal Shape 65Adam Audio A7X 
Weighs 8500 gramsWeighs 9200 grams
Provides more controlProvides less control

Focal 2x Alpha

Focal Shape 65Focal 2x Alpha
Less noise distortionNoise distorts at high ends
Smoother bassLess smooth bass
Connection of less audio sourcesConnection of diverse audio sources

Neumann KH 120 A

Focal Shape 65Neumann KH 120 A
Offers optimal integrationIntegration is not smooth
Better field frequency responseLess precision
Does not offer Aluminum enclosurePrevents cabinet induced coloration


If there is one thing that I can say with certainty, it is that my management people did not for a second regret trusting me with this huge task. Once the model came and we installed it, there was not a single person in the room who wasn’t awestruck by the design and the build of the model. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

When the model was switched on, it sent everyone into a trance. The acoustics were breathtaking and so was the frequency. Everyone also found the monitor very durable and attractive. I came back from the church that day, fully convinced that I had done a great job.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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