Gallien-Krueger MB115 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 6, 2020.
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Gallien-Krueger MB115 Review

Short on Time? Here’s what matters most about Gallien-Krueger MB115.
✅ Produces a very smooth and even sound
✅ The compact design helps reduce unnecessary weight
✅ Comes with a recessed handle for easy usage
✅ The cabinet comes with a spray-on coating
✅ The cloth grille adds to durability and strength

This Gallien Krueger MB 115 review will give you a better insight in to the product’s detail, as it is based on my personal experience.

As a music enthusiast, I had often heard Gallien-Krueger's name being mentioned, but since I don't take recommendations seriously, I never paid heed. One fine day, as I moved past my town’s church, I heard some of the most perfect beats I had ever heard. The music was uninterrupted, and I could tell that the management had just recently invested in an excellent amplifier. Upon inquiring, I found out the name of the brand.

I was fascinated by the exterior because the unit was both compact and had a sleek body. This meant that it could be used easily and could be carried around too. It also delivered unmatched power and loud music that could be heard from a distance too. Moreover, it came with a very durable tone-shaping circuitry that ensured the Class-D power, but more on that later.

Things to Consider

Any model that requires a good investment should be evaluated carefully. You shouldn’t make rash decisions because some brands may suit others’ needs but won’t suit yours. I already knew what I liked about the model. It offered an excellent power of 200W and came with a special paragon driver. It also had a chain output that could drive even the most strong guitars and bass beats.

More importantly, I loved the headphone jack and some other smaller accessories like an aux input that came with the amplifier. These were both durable and could resist the possible damage caused by sudden impact. I also liked the balanced output is ensured by eliminating any need for a direct box.

Even after knowing all this, I still had to look further and ask myself these questions before I could make the investment.

  • Does it offer good value for the money?
  • Can I use it for all my gigs and performances?
  • Does it offer easy controls?

These are just a few of the many questions that I asked myself to ensure that I was making an informed decision. I knew I wanted a strong unit that wouldn’t break easily. I am somewhat clumsy, so I knew my unit had to be very durable. Moreover, I also like playing church music for some kids around, so I wanted to replicate that sound as well.

Presenting the Product

Like any other buyer looking to make a good investment, I was also afraid of the sheer number of options that I had. There were so many brilliant designs in the market that all offered different features. However, with Gallien-Krueger's, I knew I was getting efficiency and portability, a rare combination. This preamp also uses the GK’s 4 band tone control to ensure a smoother beat throughout. Various active and passive units control your sound and eliminate any unnecessary disruptions in frequency.

✅ Produces a very smooth and even sound❌ Relatively expensive than some other models
✅ The compact design helps reduce unnecessary weight
✅ Comes with a recessed handle for easy usage
✅ The cabinet comes with a spray-on coating
✅ The cloth grille adds to durability and strength

Features & Benefits

When I first started looking into the features, I was convinced that I had found the unit that I had been looking for. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. The unit offered some of the most unique features that made this Bass amp stand out. It does not only offer good value on the money, but its compact size also allows for easy handling. However, those aren't the only things that drew me to the unit. Here are all the benefits of investing in Gallien-Krueger.

Good equalization

This is extremely important and helps make or break any product. With this unit, you get a good and standard tone controller that can be used for a diverse range of performances. Each section has the ability to perform a different kind of function. These sections are also connected through wirings to ensure they complement each other and produce an uninterrupted sound.


A contour, as the name suggests, is used to completely revoice any amplifier. It does this by using different shaping circuits and then tuning them together to ensure different and varied responses. You can also fully engage the controls to boost the low ends of the unit. This ensures the dropping of the mids to ensure the high end is pushed even further.

Smooth limiter

Any bass that does not come with a smooth limiter should not even be considered. Gallien-Kreuger contains an excellent limiter that will detect different signal levels of the input and will reduce the effects of any unwanted distortions. Moreover, it will effectively attenuate any extreme peaks in the input signal, allowing a well-rounded high volume pitch. This also helps maintain signal integrity for a longer time.

Advanced technology

The model also makes use of advanced G.I.V.E technology. The Gate induced valve effect will ensure smoother field points. It also works with the gate biased in such a way that you get a more optimum harmonic content. The technology also emphasizes upon the input signal and allows the G.I.V.E to work with the four different bands for better contouring. All this helps the model produce consistent and very appealing bass tones.

Sound quality - Gallien-Krueger MB115 Review

Equipped with a good power of 200W, the model allows you to perform at all small and medium-sized gigs with ease. You get much better acoustics when all the inadequate frequencies are canceled. Moreover, the four EQ knobs also work in sync with the rest of the unit, thus ensuring bright and lively music at all your performances.

Benefits of Gallien-Krueger

  • The graphic equalization technology and the use of standard tone controls will provide you with a lot of variation.
  • Each section offers a different function and performs a special bass job to allow for a range of different operations.
  • All the sections are wired with each other, so they don't interrupt each other's functions and provide smooth sounds.
  • It comes with a contour that will tune the sounds emerging from 2 completely different shaping circuits.
  • The durable limiter will regulate any distortions that hinder steady operations.

Social Proof - Gallien-Krueger MB115 Review

I play in a band, so I have to get on stage frequently. I am also a spiritual person who plays for the kids who come to the church. This model allowed me to practice the beats so I could mesmerize the audience. Since I am still a beginner, I didn't want to invest in something that was too complex to use. Luckily, Gallien-Krueger was very easy to use and I did not have to struggle with it. Other buyers also reiterated my opinion and said that this bass amp really helped them grow as musicians.





Comparing Gallien-Krueger MB115 with other similar models was a big part of my research, and I took it upon myself to make the most sensible decision. I knew I couldn’t just compare the unit with bad quality devices and get the results that I wanted. I looked for products that offered similar features and came under the same price range.

I then read reviews regarding all these alternative models and noted down the pros and cons of each model. I then looked at my scribbled notes simultaneously and was absolutely delighted to see that my choice still stood out.

But you shouldn’t trust my word blindly; you can have a look at the comparison overview to reach the right decision.

BOSS Graphic Equalizer

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 200W BOSS Graphic Equalizer
Offers different frequency rangeOffers less diversity
Is relatively cheaperIs expensive
Offers 4 band EQOffers 10 band EQ

L.R. Baggs Align Equalizer

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 200W L.R. Baggs Align Equalizer
The limiter is more sensitiveThe limiter cannot tackle high pitched distortions
Is easier to useIs more difficult to adjust settings
Weighs 44 poundsOnly weighs 10 pounds

Wampler EQuator Advanced Audio Equalizer

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 200W Wampler EQuator Advanced Audio Equalizer
4 band EQ offers better accuracy4 band EQ is less sensitive to change
Provides a power of 200WProvides less power
The larger size makes storage difficultRelatively small size


I have always been a slow learner who struggled with taking risks. I never thought I could grow in my music career and create beautiful sounds, but that became possible when I invested in Gallien-Kreuger. It may not seem like a fancy model, but it does the job very nicely. It comes with an XLR DI output that will allow you to make quick and effortless recordings of all your live performances.  There is also a special horn tweeter that can be engaged to suit all your diverse needs.

It has now been a year since I made this wise choice. It is safe to say that I have not regretted my decision even once.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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