HuddleCamHD USB Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 24, 2020.
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HuddleCamHD USB Review

When I find something worth buying, I always try to share my experience with others; this is why I am writing this HuddleCamHD USB review today. By far, this is the most extraordinary piece of equipment that I bought on behalf of my church. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, my church had to live stream the weekly sermons, and they needed a good camera for the job. Since I worked there, I was entrusted with the job.

I was initially worried, but my knowledge in the area was diverse, and I understood technical jargon better than most other people. So I took a long breath and sat on my laptop. I looked at a couple of models, but none really caught my eye. Some lacked durability, and others were just too expensive. I also wanted a camera with good conferencing ability so all the church attendees could feel right at home. At the end of a 2-day research, I was finally able to find a model that suited all my needs perfectly.

Things to Consider Before Buying a HuddleCamHD

I am not someone who falls for cheap marketing tactics, so I knew that unless all the features of the model didn’t appeal to me, I wouldn’t buy it. When I came across HuddleCamHD, I was a bit apprehensive at first. I didn’t think that a single model could offer a diverse field of view and still allow for a good tilting mechanism, but I was proved wrong.

This compact device allowed for 1080 p resolution together with an 81 field of view for greater performance. It also came in black color, and the finishing was top notch. But what really struck me was the efficiency of the model. All I had to do to operate it was to connect it to a PC or a mac through the USB. This was also provided in the package, which means I was getting a good value on the money.

But the responsibility I was entrusted with was huge, and I hence had to be absolutely sure, I hence asked myself these three vital questions.

  • Is the model portable?
  • Does it offer good compatibility with all the devices?
  • Does it break easily?

The third question was of prime importance because I knew the people at my Church were old and wouldn’t know much about handling sensitive tech equipment. I didn’t want a unit that would break easily. Luckily for me, this HuddleCamHD offered excellent durability. This, to some extent, convinced me that this was the model for me.

Presenting the Product

I had already fallen in love with the design and the body of the unit, but I had to delve in a bit deeper if I had to be absolutely sure. Some of the other features that really appealed to me were the good ergonomics and lightweight body of the unit. The former allowed me to carry it around easily, and the latter feature meant the tilting process was easier to achieve. Moreover, the model also offered up to 64 positions that could be stored in the settings for later use. There are also 8 pin ports included in the camera that allow for diverse input sources to be attached easily. So all in all, HuddleCamHD ensured I got good functionality, good aesthetics, and unmatched efficiency, all in a single model.


  • Variable focal length
  • USB connection and compatibility
  • Free tilt drive and remote control
  • Full 1080p resolution
  • 81-degree field of view


  • Does not zoom a lot

Features & Benefits

The last thing I wanted was to trouble the people at my Church. This is why I did everything in my power to ensure the camera had all the features that I wanted. HuddleCamHD offered all the professional features that allowed users like me with powerful presentations. Here are some of the reasons I couldn’t pick any other model.

Ease of usage

The best thing about this model was that it came with an IR remote control that allowed me to make adjustments from a distance. This also came in handy when the feed had to be either zoomed or paused to make up for breaks in the sermons. Moreover, I also got a camera control software accessibility that allowed me to use this model with both PC and Mac computers.

Innovative technology

The traditional visual systems are very expensive and often require costly installations. The modern technology added in this device in the form of updated software and cloud-based solutions allow you to connect with any USB equipment with ease. Moreover, you also won’t be requiring any unnecessary equipment for proper functionality. All you need is this camera and a wireless connection and get going.

Auto tracking ability

This camera is also great for teaching. My church has a lot of students too that come here for spiritual teachings. The auto-tracking camera is IP connected and hence allows for easy operation, and remote management. You also won’t need a camera operator to switch it on. HuddleCamHD is also compatible with USB, SDI and HDMI.

Price and portability

There was one feature that my church was very specific about. They did not want to compromise on portability. They wanted a camera that they could carry around and rotate easily. HuddleCamHD is not only lightweight but also allows for an easy titling process. It also comes at a reasonable price that is within the budget of any potential customer.

Benefits of HuddleCamHD

  • The 3X optical zoom, along with a varied focal length, allows the camera to suit the needs of a conference call.
  • It offers a USB 2.0 connection to PC for RS232 and video connection and is also suited for wired control.
  • You get all the accessories like a good range remote control, a tilt drive, and a USB 2.0 cable for excellent functionality.
  • The 81-degree field of view allows for a wide zoom, and the 36-degree field of view allows for good tele zoom.
  • It provides an extraordinary resolution of 1080 p that ensures good video quality.

Social Proof

This part was a formality for me. I knew that the experience of others wasn’t going to have a huge impact on my decision, or at least I thought so. However, as I began to read what everyone else had said, I was totally taken back by the comments. People absolutely loved this model. They love the higher control that it offered. This, along with a good and lightweight body, convinced them that HuddleCamHD was the model for them. But what really surprised me were the comments made by recent buyers. They said that the communication and the quality level that this model has provided them in the time of the pandemic has been monumental.




Alternatives - HuddleCamHD USB Review

After reading what people had said about the model, I really didn’t feel the need to compare my preferred model to other similar units. However, this was bigger than me. I wasn’t buying a unit for myself; I was buying one for a great purpose. So there was no room for errors. To ensure that I was making a sensible decision, I looked for cameras that were similar to HuddleCamHD.

To my surprise, I found quite a few models that offered similar features. These were all in my budget. This, I ensured, because I didn’t want a model to be kicked out by default. Once I had completed all the prerequisites, I now started my research. I compared all the features I liked about each model with the ones I liked about HuddleCamHD. The alternatives weren’t bad, nothing compared to the model that I had selected for my church.

So here is how I reached this conclusion.

Tenveo Video Conference Camera 

HuddleCamHDTenveo Video Conference Camera 
Weighs 1.65 poundsWeighs around 6 pounds
More compatibilityLess compatibility
3x zoom control10x zoom control

Logitech Conference Cam

HuddleCamHDLogitech Conference Cam
More diverse controls 81-degree field of view expensiveLimited diversity 78-degree field of view cheaper

Tenveo V1080 HD 1080p

HuddleCamHDTenveo V1080 HD 1080p
The remote control has a higher rangeLess range
Tilting is more flexibledifficult to tilt


Efficiency, durability, and convenience, everything I hoped to achieve from this research, I achieved in the end. This compact unit offered an excellent field of view that was enough to cover the essence of the sermon. This was the most balanced unit that suited our needs without compelling us to spend too much money. It also offered a good resolution, which meant the viewers at home could enjoy the virtual sermon like they would an actual one.

However, most importantly, it ensured that the people at home wouldn’t feel like they were missing out on their spiritual sessions, and wasn’t that the point all along?

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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