Martin GPCX2AE Macassar Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 22, 2020.
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Martin GPCX2AE Macassar Review

Being a teacher, I have always felt nice at helping other people progress in their music careers, and that is exactly why I am writing this Martin GPCX2AE Macassar review today.

As a young boy, I wasn’t the most extroverted kid and had a hard time talking to new people. My father didn’t push me to change myself; instead, he bought me a guitar to help me spend my time productively. He knew that I had a knack for creating good music, and he buying me my first musical instrument made all the difference in my journey.

With the support of my father, I began playing for people too. I was still shy by nature and didn’t feel comfortable talking to strangers. However, performing in front of large crowds came naturally to me. I also started playing for my church, and the appreciation I received from all the attendees was really special to me. I began improving my techniques to ensure people loved my music even more. And my search for a new guitar was for this purpose too.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Martin GPC2XAE

Martin was among the first guitars that I seriously considered. I was looking for a solid build design that wasn’t too heavy. I also wanted a model with a greater aesthetic appeal so I could feel more energetic on stage. Whatever I wanted, I found in this spectacular guitar. The sides and back are high pressure laminated that ensure greater durability and strength. The sides are further topped with a special material called Sapele. This allows for more realistic and vibrant tones.

The use of solid wood was also something I have long been searching for. I knew that the authenticity that I was looking for could only be achieved through this. The solid wood used here enhanced the tonality and ensured I was able to perform with my full energy. But all these pros weren’t very obvious to me in the beginning. The model was a little over my budget, and hence I wanted to be absolutely sure that I wanted to get it. I asked myself these three questions.

  • Does the model break easily?
  • Do I get good diversity for all my gigs?
  • Does it look attractive?

To my surprise, I was more than content with the answers provided to me by the website. Martin guitar was neither too large nor too heavy. This meant I could carry it around easily, but since it was made of solid wood, I knew it wouldn’t break easily either.

Presenting the Product

Regardless of how many times I reconsidered my decision, my mind still kept going back to this unit. I loved the use of solid Sapele and solid wood that added finesse to the design. Moreover, the tones were enhanced by the diversity in strings that the model offered. The top also improved with each, which meant that with my experience, I could also expect an increase in my efficiency. Another feature that really struck a chord with me was the easy plugging that the model offered. Among other things, this ensured greater ease of usage. I knew that anything that made me uncomfortable would hinder my performance at the stage. This was something I could not afford; especially when I was performing in my church.


  • Solid top for greater durability
  • Sides made with solid Sapele
  • Lightweight body for portability
  • Great sounding electronics
  • Enhanced balance and projections


  • Expensive

Features & Benefits

There are many times when you can use bad quality models and still please the audience, but when it comes to music, you can’t get away with poor instruments; it shows in your performance. I certainly didn’t want that, and hence I looked hard and long at all the features that this unit had to offer me. Here are some of the features that I loved most.

Wood construction

This was one feature that I could not do without. I needed my unit to have a solid build and offer greater resistance against impact. Luckily Martin did not disappoint. It came with a cutaway design with a solid and smooth top. The top and sides were also made with solid wood, which offered greater durability.

Pressure lamination

Sapele was also used to line the sides, which made them appear more stable and smooth to the touch. The back and sides are also laminated using higher pressure to further add to its appeal. This feature also helped make this model more resistant to impact.

Vibrant tones

This value-packed model also allowed for more diverse and vibrant tones. As the model age, it also enhances in tonality and hence allows you to get better at your technique. The electronics are also super amazing and combine with good ergonomics to give you a complete package.

Performing artist series neck

This feature was also very close to my heart because it allowed me to record all my music at any place without any distortions. Moreover, this, along with a compact and sleek body, helped make this a very comfortable portable model. I could also use this for all my extended sessions without feeling tired.

Reliable pickup system

The model is equipped with the best pickup system in the market. This not only delivers an exhilarating sound output but also allows you to have more control over all the buttons and strings. You can also have direct access to the sound hole with the help of this feature.

Attractive design

To a lot of other people, this may not be a feature worth considering, but to me, it made all the difference. I was looking for a guitar that would make me feel empowered without being too flashy. This was exactly that. It offered a solid construction and used good contrasting colors that suited my personality.

Benefits - Martin GPCX2AE Macassar Review

  • It comes with an efficient performing artist neck that enhances technique and allows for smooth playability.
  • It offers extremely diverse and great sounding electronics that allow you to grow beyond your basic technique.
  • The x bracings allow for greater projections and enhance your tonal balance.
  • The high pressured and black laminated back and sides allow for a smoother and steady music pattern.
  • The advanced sound system will put controls and volume in the sound holes and allow easy access.
  • A lightweight and compact body enhances portability and allows you to be comfortable on stage.

Social Proof

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Ever since I was young, I had used music to compensate for my social awkwardness. It was the only avenue that let me be myself without enforcing my anxiety out. Since the stakes were so high, I couldn’t let myself down and get nervous on stage again. I knew that the choice I make should be the best one. This is why I kept an open mind and tried to look for any model that suited my needs.

I selected some units that would give Martin guitar a tough competition. I also knew that if one of these alternatives offered better features, I would be more than happy to select it. But luckily for me, it never came to that point. Martin not only stood out in terms of efficiency, but it also offered one of the smoothest builds. I didn’t really spend much time on this part because I knew the things that I was looking for were only present in Martin.

Here are the pointers I made that helped me decide better.

Ibanez RGA42HPT

Martin GPCX2AEIbanez RGA42HPT
Greater number of stringsLess number of strings
Sapele constructionNyatoh construction

Washburn 6 String

Martin GPCX2AEWashburn 6 String
Scale length is 25 inchesScale length is 24 inches
Hand topped finish topLess flexible finish top
Less aesthetic appealRed aesthetic appeal

Jackson Pro Series

Martin GPCX2AEJackson Pro Series 
Smoother neck taperNeck taper is less durable
Suitable for both amateurs and professionalsSuitable for professionals only


Overcoming my anxiety hasn’t been the easiest of things, but one thing that really helped me break shackles was the unwavering support of my father. He was the first one who compelled me to perform in front of our church. He also made sure that I got all resources that I needed to kick start the journey. The first time I played, I could hear his cheers and applause filling the entire hall. The other attendees followed, of course, and that changed my entire life.

But I knew there was still something missing. I knew I could do better and compel all the attendees to give me a standing ovation. I was right; when I performed with this Martin guitar, there was not a single attendee who didn’t stand up and applaud for me.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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