Nord Stage 3 Compact Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on October 3, 2020.
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Nord Stage 3 Compact Review

I didn’t think I would ever find a model that suited my personality, but when I came across Nord Stage 3 Compact, my perception changed. Playing with new musical tones was always my passion. I liked to experiment with my musical instruments and create something that is distinct from all other singers.

My mother was a very spiritual woman and always believed that music was an important medium to communicate religious teachings. She believed that with the right tunes, people could be motivated to act on the teachings of the sermon. I never accepted that premise, but I was interested in testing it out.

My mother asked me to create something that would be appropriate to play at a church. I didn’t think this was an unusual request because I loved creating music specific to every occasion. But my mother wasn’t happy with my old instruments and suggested I invest in a new synthesizer. Since she agreed to pay half the amount, I happily agreed.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nord Stage 3 Compact

The Nord Stage 3 compact digital piano comes with 73 distinct keys that allow for great diversity. It is a renowned model that is known for its brilliant analog-modeling warmth, but I wasn’t sure the model would give me the required amount of control over my tunes. Another feature that surprised me was the single oscillator setup that allowed for both shape and pitch modes. There was also another dual oscillator that allowed for easy mixing and matching of music.

The latter feature truly fascinated me because this was exactly the kind of quality I was looking for in my next synthesizer. I didn’t want to jump into any decision, and so I decided to find more about The Nord stage compact piano. I also got to know that the synth section comes with 3 unison modes. Not only that, but the model also doesn’t reduce voice polyphony.

I was half-convinced that this was the right model for me, but there were some important questions I had to ask myself before proceeding.

  • Does the model give room for technique development?
  • Does it allow diversity?
  • Is it portable?

I was happy to know that the oscillator section of this model offered 5 distinct categories. These included formant, sample, classic, wave, and super wave. I was truly happy to get this level of diversity at a reasonable price.

Presenting the Product

If I had to use two words to describe this unit, I would use breathtaking and very efficient. The former because the exterior of the model was not only attractive but was very durable. I knew that this would be my companion for a very long time. Moreover, the Nord stage 3 was also very efficient and boasted of the latest award-winning C2D organ simulations that took the internet by storm. Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that two distinct organ models can be used at the same time without interfering with the functions of each other. to top all this, the Rotary Speaker simulation is also available for every slot independently.

Pros - Nord Stage 3 Compact Review

  • On stage clarity
  • Extended split functionality
  • 2 GB memory
  • Brilliant OLED display
  • Diverse filter effect


  • Less number of keys

Features & Benefits

There was one thing that I wanted the most from this piano; control. I did not want to invest in a model that would limit my technique. I love challenges and my piano was going to be proof of that. This Nord Stage 3 model came with some of the best features in the market. I am only mentioning a few that made me fall in love with the design.

Diverse sounds

The best thing about this model is that it offers a huge variation in sounds. It features an extensive selection of the Piano library that not only allows you to add different sounds but also replace old ones with the new ones from the Nord sound manager. The library is also updated regularly to ensure that you always have access to the best music.

Longer release

This comes in handy when users have to play an electromechanical instrument. This long release mode will add a relatively longer release and hence make the model more suitable for legato playing. Moreover, the piano will also be able to emulate a loose damper tension in any acoustic instrument.

Triple pedal

This is an optional accessory but offers huge benefits for users. It features a very dynamic pedal that allows for more varied techniques. Moreover, the model also recreates any mechanical sound by either lifting the damper mechanism or by releasing it. This in turn produces much more sizzling and attractive sounds. To top all this, the model can also respond to the force momentum used when you are releasing or pressing the pedal.

Sonic flexibility

You get not one, but three sound-generating sections, all of which you can use in combination or individually. These are the organ, synthesizer, and piano. Furthermore, the Nord also offers 2 separate slots that allow you to have a variety of synth effects. All this allows for much more sonic flexibility.

Song modes

The model allows for automatically seamless transitions when you change programs or sounds while playing. There is also an excellent song mode that allows musicians to up their game. You can better organize your songs and get them sorted into categories for your ease. You can also create unique lists for different situations. With this, you get a lot of customization and control over your music.

Benefits - Nord Stage 3 Compact Review

  • It comes with 2 very clear OLED displays that enhance on-stage clarity and allow seamless transitions when you are switching sounds.
  • It offers an extended split functionality feature that comes with optional crossfade along with a new song list mode.
  • The 2 GB memory allows more room for improvement and the exclusive Nord Piano library enhances your creativity.
  • It comes with C2D organ simulations along with 2 new principal pipe organs for diversity.
  • The effect section comes with a new brand filter effect that ensures an enhanced delay effect.

Social Proof

While I was pondering over whether this model met all my needs, I also decided to read some reviews and see what other buyers had said about the design. I knew that recent buyers are always brutally honest in their comments and won’t shy away from calling spade a spade. But saying that I was surprised by the comments would be an understatement. People had absolutely loved Nord compact model because of its high aesthetic appeal and stronger tunes. Many buyers had also praised the brand new layer category of the model that enhances layered patches and allows the creation of in-depth music.

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One thing that I have always taken great pride in is my patience. I wanted to spend as much time as needed and do this part right. I didn’t just randomly select the products that I stumbled upon. I did thorough research and filtered out any pianos that were either too extravagant or came too cheap. I wanted my preferred model to be able to rise up the challenge and defeat my alternative choices on fair grounds. And to my utter surprise; it did.

The Nord stage 3 compact offered an enhanced filter effect and increased delay effect that was missing in almost all other models I checked. I also found other units to be very heavy and hence lacking portability. This was unacceptable for me because I knew that I wanted to carry my unit from one place to another quite often. But these were just a couple of things that convinced me.

Here is how I reached the decision.

Kurzweil Music Systems FORTE7

Nord Stage 3 CompactKurzweil Music Systems FORTE7
Weighs 21 poundsWeighs 48 pounds
Quicker load timeRelatively higher load time
2 GB memory16 GB memory

Nord USA, Key Grand 88-note

Nord Stage 3 CompactNord USA, Key Grand 88-note
Suitable for beginners and professionalsSuitable for professionals
Lightweight hence more portableLess portable
73 keys88 keys

Roland RD-2000 Premium

Nord Stage 3 CompactRoland RD-2000 Premium
Diverse synth sectionLess diversity
More control over the musicOffers less control


This model with award-winning features was sure to surprise anyone, but I fell in love with it. The first time I used it was also the first time I truly understood what good control meant. I could make use of a variety of organ systems and pipes and achieve a mix and match of different tunes. My mother was also surprised when she saw me playing on this synthesizer.

I could also see the huge impact my music had on all the attendees. People not only stayed at the Church longer but were also content with their presence. This was more than I could have asked for and I only have Nord Stage 3 compact to thank for it.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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