Shure KSM44A Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 25, 2020.
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Shure KSM44A Review

Everyone needs a good microphone, and that’s exactly why I decide to write this Shure KSM44A review. I first came across this unit while attending one of the Church sermons. Since our Church was comprised of a large area, the minister had to use an efficient mic to deliver his speech. However, the old unit was no longer apt for the job, and the minister decided to get the mic replaces. Listening to the sermon that day was a whole new experience.

The volume wasn’t only loud but intense. I could experience clarity as I had seldom experienced before. I was totally in awe, so there was only one thing that I could do to end my bewilderment; or increase it. I searched for the model and looked at the features. I was amazed to see the groundbreaking specifications of Shure KSM44A. It offered the max SPL of 131 db. This, along with a dynamic range, ensured very clear and multiple polar patterns.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shure KSM44A

Whoever said a good unit goes a long way certainly knew what they were talking about. This extraordinary mic defied all standards and offered me with both an omnidirectional and bidirectional audio quality for maximum quality and flexibility. I could also use it for a variety of recording needs. I could shoot my podcasts with it, and even my audience felt the clarity in my voice and praised me for it.

I also fell in love with the size of the unit. Unlike many other multi-purpose models that I saw on the internet, this looked and felt different. It was an extremely biased and ultra-thin unit that featured a 24 karat gold layering. There is also a very sturdy and strong diaphragm that helped provide me with unmatched frequency response. However, before I went head over heels over this model, I did ask myself these three questions, and you should too.

  • Will the model eliminate any surrounding noise?
  • Does it offer a diverse range of frequency response?
  • Is it sturdy enough?

I think I was in luck that day because I found a satisfactory answer to all my questions. I was also relieved to find out that the model was one of the most durable ones in the market. It also weighed less, which meant that I could carry it around anywhere I want.

Presenting the Product

I had invested a lot of my time and effort in the research, so the first time I opened my package, I was really scared. I wanted my investment to be worth my while, and it certainly was. The model came with an advanced preamplifier technology that ensures better transparency and ensures an extremely fast transient response. This response is very consistent, regardless of the situation and platform. Moreover, Shure also came with an increase of 7 dB that broke all previous standards and ensured a completely new and clearly nuanced capturing of the audio. I also fell in love with the subsonic filters that helped eliminate any unnecessary rumble that is produced by mechanical vibrations.


  • A switchable pad allows pressure handling
  • Preamplifier provides transparency
  • No crossover distortions
  • Eliminates noise from vibrations
  • Gold plated to ensure durability


  • Expensive

Features & Benefits

I really liked the exterior and the frequency response of the unit, so I would have been fine without finding many other amazing features. However, one look at all the things Shure offered was enough to put me in awe. Even before I purchased the model, I fell in love with it. Here is why you would too.

Multi-pattern design

The design is exceptional, to say the least. The model comes with a multi-pattern and a very large dual-diaphragm that allows for diversity. This is further aided by a side-address condenser that includes three very popular polar pattern options. You will get access to omnidirectional, bidirectional, and cardioid patterns from this one microphone.

Preamplifier technology

This is one of the most advanced technologies to have entered the market recently. It ensures an extensive internal pop filtering process that is needed for groundbreaking performance. Moreover, it also allows for a minimum threshold of self-noise. The model will eliminate any unnecessary vibrations that may disrupt your volume. Furthermore, you also get a reduction in breath noise.


This Shure model will amaze you by providing superior results with almost all applications that require a microphone. You also get to enjoy more diversity. There is an option for voice-solo, a voice-over, and background and broadcasting recordings. You can also use this microphone alongside guitars, drums, pianos, and even percussion strings. However, that’s not all; you can also use wind instruments-brass or any other instrument that uses low frequency. You may, however, need to play around and experiment with the microphone placement a bit. This will ensure a good outcome.

Polar response

This feature is so extensive and will make such a difference that I had to mention it separately. There is a three-position switch that is placed in front of your microphone and will allow you to choose the most appropriate response pattern. This will influence the unit’s sensitivity to the sounds that are emerging from all the different angles. Moreover, your model will be able to pick the strongest sounds coming in front of the microphone or be less sensitive to the ones coming from the back.

Power requirements

This is another feature to remember. Your microphone will require a 48 Vdc supply. However, it will also operate at a slightly less headroom and supplies that are lesser than 11 Vdc even. Many modern mixers also allow for phantom power. This further adds to their appeal.

Benefits - Shure KSM44A Review

  • The advanced preamplifier technology is very discreet and ensures there are no crossover distortions from other sources.
  • It minimizes intermodulation distortions and keeps superior harmonics of the unit intact in number of settings.
  • Features multiple polar patters that ensure greater flexibility and ensures a fast transient response
  • The subsonic filters will eliminate any vibrations coming from the surrounding or the mic itself.
  • The switchable pad has 15 dB and can handle extremely high pressure with ease.
  • It comes with a three-stage grill that is integrated and reduces any plosives from your breath noise.

Social Proof

This extremely lightweight and clean model was expected to be a hit when it was first introduced. And none of those expectations were unjustified. While going through reviews online, I was happy to see that so many people loved the durability and the efficiency that the model offered. They found this the perfect model for their podcasts or sound recordings, but more importantly, buyers loved it for Omni and multidirectional patterns that made them suitable for a range of different voices. There were also others who praised the sturdy design and complimented the amazing stability that the model provides.

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Patience is not a virtue that I possess, and hence it is no wonder that I dreaded having to compare my choice with other models in the market. Still, my friend, who was equally invested in the decision, suggested that I take a good look at other designs before finalizing my choice, which is exactly what I did.

I spent some hours on the internet and found other models that caught my eye instantly. I wanted to be fair, which is why I only selected models that weren’t very expensive because such a model is obviously going to provide more features. I wrote down the top pros of each of my 4 choices and, then I looked at my scribbled notes simultaneously. This is what I concluded at the end of my research.

Audio-Technica AT2020

Shure KSM44A/SLAudio-Technica AT2020
The noise level is 4dBThe noise level is 20dB
Provided more connectorsLess number of connectors
4.2 ouncesOnly 1.3 ounces

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Shure KSM44A/SLBlue Yeti USB Mic
Offers wired connectionOffers USB connection
Provides cardioid connectionProvides unidirectional connection
Only available in silver colorAvailable in a variety of colors

AKG Pro Audio P220

Shure KSM44A/SLAKG Pro Audio P220
Provides 3 polar patternsOnly offers 1 polar pattern
24 karat gold layering for extra durabilityLess durable
Wider bodySleek body  


There aren’t many people whose choice I trust, but the minister is one of the most revered and sensible people in my society, and I knew that he would have put some serious thought in all the alternatives before choosing Shure. And I wasn’t wrong. After thorough research, even I concluded that this model was certainly the best one in the market.

It offered me an unmatched diversity so that I could use the mic to make as many recordings as I wanted. It also came with many external connectors that made the task easier for me. Moreover, I also enjoyed the ultra-thin design, which offered greater portability and meant that I could enjoy great volume quality wherever I went.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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