Takamine GB7C Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 12, 2020.
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Takamine GB7C Review

This Takamine GB7C review will guide you through your decision-making process, as it comes from a person who has used it herself!

Childhood memories tend to stick with you. Regardless of how much you have aged, you always tend to reminisce over the things that made you happy. A few months back, as I was listening to a song by Garth Brooks, something in the music triggered a childhood memory. It reminded me of my first ever visit to the church. I wanted to feel the same joy as I did when I listened to church music for the first time, as there was something special about it.

Upon some research, I finally found the guitar that I admired so much every time I went to the church. Takamine GB7C delivers the most admirable quality and performance at such an affordable price, and it is Garth Brooks’ signature guitar! As an artist myself, I love soft acoustic music, and I think purchasing Takamine GB7C was one of the best decisions of my music career. It reminded me of my childhood, kept me calm, and was therapeutically helpful! I still love how the acoustics are so voiced, bright, and gratifying.

Things to Consider Before Buying Takamine GB7C

I had heard about Takamine from my church acquaintances before, and the more I heard, the more I was convinced that this was an exceptional model. However, I had to be careful before spending money on it. After all, I wasn’t just buying it for fun; I wanted to learn and expand my techniques. The sheer number of modern acoustics that existed in the market made me anxious too. I knew that I would end up with a cheap model if I didn’t do my research right.

Before my purchase, I spent two nights researching the best-selling acoustic guitars, and all my research led me to this product. I loved its high duty construction that added good durability to the design and made it more resistant towards impact. Moreover, the greater number of keys also added to its appeal.

But even with all that knowledge, I still wanted to know more. I hence asked myself these three very important questions.

  • Is it diverse enough to suit my needs?
  • Do the pros outweigh the cons?
  • Is it strong and sturdy?

Only when I found a suitable answer to all my questions did I move forward. I was still a struggling artist, so I didn’t want to overspend on my unit. Moreover, I also wanted something that could withstand accidents and offer me good longevity. Luckily, Takamine did that and much more.

Presenting the Product

People tend to look at this model and make assumptions. Initially, I also thought that the model’s sides were made of plain plywood, but upon research, I realized that I was wrong.  In reality, its top is made of solid cedar, and the back and sides are made with solid rosewood! The sound hole comes in the shape of a guitar itself, which is aesthetically pleasing for all guitar players. The fact that Takamine is a traditional brand and can still bring so much modernity to the table is truly astonishing. The guitar's neck is 13 times slimmer than a regular guitar and is also made up of rosewood. To top all this, Takamine GB7C also comes with gold tuners.


  • Slimmer body design
  • Aesthetically and sonically pleasing
  • Rosewood backs and sides for rich sound
  • Gold Tuners and Hardware
  • Different saddles on the bridge


  • Not available all around the world

Features & Benefits

Despite being a company from the 1960s, Takamine is still very much in the game. It has and is still forwarding only the most innovative and attractive designs. If I start explaining the features in detail, I bet I’ll never stop writing! But anyway, I’ll still try to do some justice to the design. Ever since I heard the first Takamine play at a catholic gathering in my church in the early 2000s, I have been in love with the acoustics; they calm me and are therapeutically astonishing. Here is why I love it so much.

String Specification

I consider myself a clumsy person, and I always end up losing tiny things, but Takamine relieved my stress by not adding any endpins in the Takamine GB7C. This was such a relief because many other models come with endpins situated inside the strings. I was always afraid of losing such accessories, and I was glad I didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

Different Saddles

Takamine is different from other models, and that is why it stands out.  There are two different saddles on the lower bridge, unlike any other guitar in the market. In short, there’s one saddle for B and E strings and a separate saddle for the A, D, G, and the thicker 6th string E. this adds greater diversity to the design and makes it suitable for different users.

Pickup System - Takamine GB7C Review

Being an electric acoustic guitar, this has the signature Takamine pickup system on it. It has a bendy button for low, mid, and high volume settings, and one can choose whichever as per their liking. The best part is that the Takamine GB7C comes with an onboard tuner that aims to simplify the tuning process quite effortlessly. And it does not even require any lasting modifications to the guitar.

Pitch Controller

Takamine GB7C has its own pitch controller, so the user can easily adjust the guitar’s pitch according to their liking. This gives the users a better say in how they want their music to sound. Moreover, this also adds greater customization to the design.

Design System

This guitar is designed by Garth Brooks himself, and he made sure that it is extra special! The sound hole in the center is guitar-shaped instead of a regular round one. It provides better frequency as well. The top is specifically made of solid cedar while the back and the sides are made of rosewood for better sound quality. This particular Takamine model consists of a Dreadnought with cutaway and a rosewood neck.

Benefits - Takamine GB7C Review

  • It comes with a special, custom hard-shell cedar top with a silky and smooth natural satin finish.
  • Once plugged in, the CT 4b makes the Takamine very powerful during any live performance.
  • Bigger sound holes provide a better response to the frequency.
  • The new G Series guitars are available in a number of distinct tonewood combinations that appeal to all the music players, and are suited for an astonishingly wide range of musical styles.

Social Proof

I had already heard such amazing reviews from my church friends that it made me even more excited to read the online reviews, and I was not at all disappointed. Most reviews that I read had people virtually applauding the strong acoustics and sound that the guitar produced. They also loved the exterior body that was both attractive and smooth to touch. In short, people online were just as in love with Takamine GB7C as I was. 

Gb7c 1


Gb7c 2


I fell in love with Takamine GB7C when I was a kid, so now, when I was actually buying it, I did not want to compare it with any of the other existing models. However, to be fair to my career, I decided to make a quick comparison. For this purpose, I decided to look for some of the best acoustic guitars in the market.

I wrote everything that I loved about the products in bullet points. I also wrote the bad features and the drawbacks of each model. In the end, I simply compared them with Takamine to see whether they paled in comparison. Thankfully, they did.

I’m presenting the following comparisons, so I can help and make things easier for you too.

Martin Classic D

Takamine GB7CMartin Classic D
Offers a solid top solid cedarOffers a less smooth Solid Sitka Spruce construction
Solid rosewood construction provides strengthSides and back and more vulnerable to damage
Sides and back: Solid rosewood
Heavier hence less portableRelatedly smaller body hence easy to carry

Taylor Big Baby BBT

Takamine GB7CTaylor Big Baby BBT
Offers a solid top solid cedarOffers a less smooth Solid Sitka Spruce construction
The back and sides are made with solid rosewoodThe sides and back are made with Sapele laminate
Relatively expensiveRelatively cheaper

Martin D-15 M

Takamine GB7CMartin D-15 M
Offers more number of fretsOffers a relatively smaller number of frets
Can be used in almost any sized roomCan be used in relatively smaller rooms
Adjustments are relatively difficultSetup and customization is easy


I never imagined that what I loved as a child; I would love as an adult too. Takamine GB7C did prove to be the perfect instrument for me, as it will be for many of you. It is relatively small, thus ensuring easy portability. It also comes with a range of modes that allow for easy adjustments. I was also amazed by the sheer number of positive things I read online. And needless to say, none of the praise was exaggerated.

I wanted to experience music in its full glory, and this model made that possible.

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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