VOX AV60 Review

Written by Mark Le. Last updated on September 21, 2020.
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VOX AV60 Review

Too busy for the full read? Here is why you should buy VOX AV60.

✅ Incredibly versatile amp.
✅ Amazing effects and control.
✅ Easy to carry anywhere.

Choosing to buy a Guitar amp for any music player can become an exhausting task, with a wide range of options and amps forms available in the market. There are multiple things to consider before buying the ideal amp.

It is essential to make the right choice because an average Guitar can sound rowdy through a great amp. However, a dull amp can make a great guitar sound roar average. Moreover, an amplifier sound and tone can make a difference in your playing as well. Let’s find out more about buying the perfect amplified and a detailed review for VOX AV60.

Things to consider before buying an Amplifier 

If you do not have a good quality amplifier, then the chances are that your Great guitar would sound dull. It would also impact your sound and tone while playing.

Choosing the right amplifier also helps you to decide the type of music you want to play, the ambiance that you are playing in, such as at home or a stadium.

So, selecting the right amp is crucial, especially considering factors like the type of music you want to play? Would you be playing with a band or alone? Do you want a loud volume or a reasonable volume with a good tone? All these points make a difference when it comes to choosing an amplifier. 

Wading through the different options can get difficult, especially when you are an aspiring musician or a professional searching for the best option. In fact, guidance or outside help could ease your task effortlessly.

Meanwhile, there are some factors that you could consider while choosing the amp. 

Type of Amp Player

There are various amp players available in the market, and you can choose the one depending on your usage. These are mini amp players for beginners who are budding musicians and are still practicing at home. If you are a busker, then you are best with amps that do not require power supply due to its convenient portability and affordable price. 

If you are looking for recording purposes, then smaller valve amps are the best choice for you. Altogether, make a choice that justifies your need. For instance, if you are an unsigned band, you should consider buying an amp that is very loud because some venues might not mic your amp. 

Choosing between Valve AMP, Solid AMP, or Modelling AMP

While buying an amplifier, it is also necessary to choose from these three types of amplifiers. Again depending on your need and budget, you will make the decision.

If you are buying a Valve AMP, these amps are for Tone and Response. These amps are costlier, but if you can afford to buy one, you should go ahead with it. The big band are their fans, from Beatles to Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys and Radio heads, all are their users. 

If you are buying a Solid AMP, these amps have various advantages to them, such as being cheaper, lighter, and requires less maintenance as compared to Valve amps. Moreover, these are easy to control, have a good sound quality, and are most reliable.

If you are buying a Modelling AMP, this amp is designed to create the sound of classic amps and provides the same tones as well. 

Head, Combo or Pedalboard: Finding the perfect combination 

This question complicates every one since the dawn of the pedalboard amp, the battle for head versus combo leaves us confused. Each has its pros and cons, and detailed information will help you sail out. 

Pedalboard AMP, the quite obvious advantage of the amp is its compact size and portability. Its size makes it fit inside a backpack as well. With the given price, it is a versatile amp and has a four-channel format that provides a variety of tones as well.

The Amplifier head remains a hugely appealing prospect, especially when you can hook up to an external speaker cabinet. 

Combo amps are all in one package of speaker and amplifier. However, these are hard to carry around, but if you are looking for a fully loaded package and setup. These are a good option for you to keep at home too. 

Presenting the Audio VOX AV60 

Vox is a brand that has been amusing both aspiring and professional musicians for its assurance to quality and its readiness to push innovations. Its wide range of amps always satisfies its customer.

The VOX AV60 is a part of their VOX AV series. It is designed to offer musicians with a number of authentic amp sounds. It has a true analog circuit based on the 12AXA tube amp. The amp produces classic and rich sounds. Also, loaded with excellent features like 3 AV amps, thrilling sounds.

The VOX AV60 comes with analog preamp circuits which are 8 in number and also, power of 60W. This feature makes it an excellent option for musicians who want to play and ensure that everybody can hear them.

Features of the VOX AV60

Multi-Circuit Analog

It uses an analog preamp that takes advantage of 12AX7 tubes. This feature gives you the joy to experience quality sound tunes with plenty of overdrive, crunch, clean sound, and high–gain tones with the help of bright and fat switches. It gives you the freedom to customize the sound that you can enjoy.

Smaller and lower weight

Another feature that makes it’s a customer choice is its smaller size and lower weight that gives musicians the freedom to carry anywhere. The VOX AV60 amp takes a small size without compromising on the power and sound that you get.

Unifying Vibration

The soundpost inside the amp helps to unify the vibrations. Unifying the Vibration from both baffle and the amp results in improved and higher quality sound

Front Speaker - VOX AV60 Review

The VOX AV60 comes with a front speaker that helps the sound to project better. As a result, it can create a wide sound field that reaches a larger listener without any sound disturbance and problem. Additionally, the rounding create in VOX AV60 projects better sound. Lastly, giving a full and rich sound that amp produces enough resonance as well.


VOX AV60, a mid-range amp, might not fit the budget range of some musicians. For the same, you can opt for Orange Crush 35RT. Despite being smaller than VOX AV60 still, many musicians can opt for it as an affordable and feasible option.

Another option to consider is VOX AV30. It belongs to the same AV series of VOX amps but offers half of the power. It's the best fit for your small gigs and in-home playing and doesn't disturb other family members as well. It is an excellent alternative to VOX AV60 in terms of handling and controlling sound. It comes with a 2 12AX7 tube, making it the best choice for musicians.

Endnotes - VOX AV60 Review

The VOX AV60 is an incredibly versatile amp that provides excellent quality, gig ability, recording, for practice, and price, making it an obvious choice for a musician. The amp power makes it an all-rounder to handle any types of gigs and church performances. The amp is power-packed with and straight forward that beats any hybrid, digital, and transistor amp out there.

The VOX AV60 makes an all-rounder choice with amazing effects and control, giving the freedom to musicians to enjoy complete control over their sound. Even the budding musicians can adjust their sound as well as tone with an amp. 

Article written by Mark Le
An enthusiastic and charismatic Christian – dedicated to living a life of full service to the ministry through helping churches in bridging the gap between the Gospel and Technology.

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